Northampton - Derngate ~ 10/04/2007

As you've noticed by now, weÄve gone rather quiet after the first Northampton concert. While typing the review after the first Northampton concert late at night the laptop monitor suddenly went black. We tried everything: reboot, different plug, cursing, begging, crying.... we even dreamt of it working again, but sadly, sadly it was still dead in the morning and nothing would work.

So, instead of doing some swimming and sight seeing we headed off to the next computer shop that could help. We have to say the service at PC World was great. They took a long time examining it. The good news is, that it does not appear to be the laptop itself, but rahter the power supply cable (fingers crossed, I will only learn about it, when the new ordered cable will arrive by next week). But as you can tell, unfortunately there was no chance to get that cable in England and although ordering there would have been faster than in Germany, there was no city we had been long enough in to risk it. Not at the price of at least 80 quit. Therefore we can only put the reviews on, once we are back home.

Once more we had a great time waiting for him at the stage door. Yes it gets a bit tiring after a couple of hours: Your feet ache and you are desparate to find something to sit,but there is always this underlying excitement and all pain is forgotten as soon as the coach pulls down the street. We would not miss it for the world.

When he arrived at about 20 past four, he looked and sounded fine, said he was tired. Four concerts in a row was quite a lot, but he had a great time last night (first Northampton concert). He also said his dad was in tonight and we should give him hell.

The Concert:

We did mention that we love the venue. You are ever so close to him. Every now and then you could hear a little strain in his voice, but apart from that there was no way to tell this was his fourth concert without a days break.

As always when family is in Michael was on such a high. He chatted away happily and seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

We got to “Do you mind” and he gave his little speech about needing a little help from the audience at which point one woman in the audience gave an impressive shriek. He turned to Callum and said “I think we've got a volunteer”, but he'd still need the rest of us, too!

We were quite interested to hear whether he'd remark on his father in the audience during his intro for “The Living Years” seeing it's all about the communication between the generations, and he did. He said his father was in the audience and that luckily he and his father could talk and don't have the problems described in the song.

When it was established that we all could picture him very well in a loin cloth he told us: “Not in a million years. I'd freeze my bits off.”

We might not have mentionned this before, but towards the end of the show there is a lot of smoke on stage. Amazing effect, looks fantastic, but they were overdoing it slightly this night and kept going on, even when Michael had stopped singing. So he giggled and said: “Who's having a fag down there?” Then he longingly sniffed it saying it's the only chance he'd have these days.

The Savoy story just keeps growing from night to night. We were actually laughing so much that it is impossible to decipher the notes we took during the show. We just hope and pray he doesn't cut it fromthe DVD so everyone has a chance to enjoy it, if not the extended version.

You can say the show literally ended with a bang, especially for Neil, the poor pianist. Rightbefore Michael started the party time, Neil is supposed to play this overdramativ intro, which then leads to Michael marching up to him, slamming down on the piano keys, telling him to shut up. This promts usually the audiences "awwww" and Michael's "Don't give me the cow eyes!". This time, however, it all happened a bit quick and Michael ended up nearly knocking out poor Neil, who was leaning towards him. When it was finally clear that the show could continue (and for a moment it did not look to good for poor Neil, at least from our position!), Michael was in a laughing firt and could not sing this one song, which has this really sincere beginning. He just kept turning and giggling. At one point he even sait "That'll teach you to try acting!". It was hysterically

We were so happy to see Michael get this amazing reception, especially when his dad was in.

We had a brief conversation with Tony and his wife afterwards and they were beaming with pride.

When Michael had left it was time to wave a teary good bye to Marylin, Susan and Mary. Thanks for some of the most fantastic and most hilarious moments we had during the tour!

Northampton: We will definitely return it at all possible! The venue and the crowd were just fabulous!




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