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That Day We Sang (2014)

Role James "Jimmy" or "Tubby " Baker
Channel BBC 2
Airdate 26/12/2014
DVD 30/03/2015
Filming 06/01/2014 - 05/02/2014
People Imelda Staunton (Enid)
Victoria Wood (writer/director)
Plot Jimmy (Tubby) and Enid belonged to a childrens choir that recorded "Nymphs and Shephards" in the late 1920s. Fourty years older and both with their very own life stories, they meet again . No teenagers anymore, will they fall in love, will they dare it with all their own history?


Toast of London(2013)

Role Michael Ball (Enforcer)
Channel Channel 4
Airdate 24/11/2013
Filming unknown
Plot After losing £20,000 to Andrew Lloyd Webber in a celebrity poker game, Toast finds himself hunted by musical superstar and part-time theatre-land enforcer Michael Ball
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England, my England (1995)

Role Henry Purcell
Channel Channel 4
Airdate 1995
Filming unknown
People Simon Callow (Charles II)
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Late Expectations (1987)

  Role Andy (1 episode)
Channel BBC 1
Airdate 12/05/1987
Filming unknown
Plot Comedy Series about a wedded couple, with three teenage children, who fall pregnant with twins while on their second honeymoon.
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Coronation Street (1985)

Role Malcolm Nuttall
Channel ITV
Airdate 20 and 29/05/1985
Filming Unknown
Misc. One of Michael's ambitions after finishing Guildford was appearing in Corrie. He fulfilled this straight away.
Plot Michael played Malcolm Nuttall. A tennis coach who was the love interest of Michelle Robinson, when she met Kevin Webster. She then decided against Malcolm.




The Michael Ball Show (2010)

Status Presenter
Channel ITV
Airdates 16/08/2010 - 24/09/2010
Times Weekdays 3pm-4pm
Concept It was basically a talk show with celebrities that would start with a discussion round, including all guests of the show and a current topic. It would include interviews with the celebrities, a cooking spot, an interview with a non celebrity, who has an interesting story to tell and for some time there was a fun challenge between two Michael fans. This was dropped in the second half of the run. The following years there was talk about a possible second season. Unfortunately that never materialised and our guess is that Michael's pretty crammed schedule was to blame. Michael was a hit with the audiences and had very impressive viewing figures.


Michael Ball Show (1993/1994)

Status Presenter and Performer
Channel ITV
Airdates 8 July 1993 - 12 August 1993
27 July 1994 - 7 September 1994
(7pm - 7:30pm)
Concept The show ran for half an hour. Michael would have two famous singers as guests. They would sing one solo and one song with Michael and of course Michael would sing a solo as well. In between there were short talks with the other singers.
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Soapstar Superstar (2007)

  Status Judge
Channel ITV
Airdates 5 - 13 January 2007 (8 shows)
10 Soapstars would try their turn on singing. Each episode someone would be voted off by the audience. Michael was together with Martine McCutcheon and Chris Cowey one of the judges.
Interesting Verity Rushworth was among the candidates, but voted off early on. In 2008 she took over the role of Penny Pingleton in London production of Hairspray.. Hayley Tamaddon ended up in second place and was invited to join on stage for his Manchester concert on the next tour.

These are only Screen appearances, where Michael acted or was host of his own show. He hosted many more TV shows as a stand-in. These include Lorraine, This Morning, The One Show, The Paul O'Grady show (where he was asked two hours before the start of the live show to stand in as Paul was taken ill), The National Lottery show and many more.



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