Just Ball.Net-iquette


  • treat him with respect:

    Even though Michael is exceptionally open and accessible to fans, do remember he is an ARTIST with incredible talent, not just some handsome bloke. This fact has to be taken into account whenever we approach him.

  • don't expect too much (especially on your first time at the stage door ) :

    Sometimes people get a wrong impression as to how a stage door works. Conversations with Michael are usually just an exchange of two or three sentences ( asking for a photo with him , autographs , comments on his shows and how you liked them ). Don't put yourself or Michael under too much pressure. The best is not to expect anything and be pleasantly surprised afterwards . Always remember, the expectations of today are the carefully planned out disappointments of tomorrow.

  • allow him an off-day / put his needs before your own:

    Michael is brilliant, when it comes to treating fans and very generous with his time. Mostly he will not show or say when he is having an off day. Still , bear in mind he is only human and may not feel too well one day. If he, or his staff, tell us he isn't well, back off and let him pass undisturbed. We've seen people ask for photos when the fans were told not to, because he needs to get home quickly. That shouldn't be, as it sheds a bad light on us all. He is bound to perform for thousands of people, so priority should be his well-being and not his newest autograph on a photo one took.

    We've never heard Michael say no to a fan's wish for a picture or signature, but we should not take advantage of his kindness. He could start leaving through different exits, if it gets too much for him, so let us all just be grateful he gives the fans the chance to say good night, even when he feels unwell. Let's not jeopardize his kindness. Always respect his wishes.

  • treat him like you'd want to be treated by a stranger:

    Don't throw yourself at him. Please don't grab him, kiss him, hug him or touch his hair even is you adore those curls . Don't laugh, it's been seen happening so often at stage doors. Usually you are not friends with him, though he might know your face or even name . Would you want to be hugged, kissed, grabbed by strangers on the street?
    Always ask him first if you cannot resist it, at least he is warned then and will not be surprised or even scared by someone jumping at him. If he offers these things it is a completely different tale of course, but it should ALWAYS be his initiative, not the fan's.

  • allow him some space:

    Let him pass through, without blocking him. Politeness applies. If you want a photo or autograph ask him while he passes you, don't impede his access to venues or cars. He will listen to his name, there is no need to physically make him.

  • Mind your equipment:

    Make sure your camera is switched on if you want a photo with him. ( This is for your own good, we experienced ourselves it can be quite embarrassing if you switched your camera off accidentally and he has to wait till it is on again.)

Fellow fans

  • don't be pushy:

    Michael is always proud of his fan family, so don't spoil the fun for others by shoving them out of your way. Everyone has the same right to be there, whether newbie or long-term fan, whether from around the corner or a far away continent. And everyone should be granted their chance to speak to him.

  • you had your moment, please step back:

    Allow others the chance you had. There is no need to start a conversation with him and follow him all the way up to wherever he is heading. Others deserve to speak to him as well. Step out of the way and admire him from a little further back. If you stay close, make sure people behind you can see him fine and access him if they want to.

  • treat everyone with respect:

    Again politeness applies. Treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself.

Taking Photos

  • Never , never ever use flash at concerts!! Just don't even think of it. It is pointless and annoying.

    Not to mention the disturbance and even danger, flashes from the audience pose for the performer (and fellow audience), but it also makes no sense whatsoever, because you are too far away anyways. An average camera's flash reach does not surpass 10 feet / 3 metres , so you will only find brightly lit backs of heads and a small, blurry Michael in the dark distance on your photo. Not worth the risk of being led outside the auditorium or have you camera confiscated…and Michael being cross with you. He does notice who takes photos with flash and who doesn't. And he won't be chuffed.



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