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Blithe Spirit (2021)

Release Date: 15/01/21

Decca (UMO) (Classics)

Leaning On A Rainbow

Download here

You'll Never Walk Alone (2020)

Release Date: 17/04/20

Decca (UMO) (Classics)

You'll Never Walk Alone (2020) - with Captain Tom for the NHS (charity)

reached number 1 in the UK single charts

Download here



Amazing Grace

Release Date: 11/12/2001

This song was planned to be released as a CD single for charity. Several online stores still have it listed, but rest assured it never really happened. The song was then put on a re-release of Michael's Christmas album

Tina Arena - Whistle Down the Wind (1998)

Release Date:

Polydor 567 449 2

Love changes everything (Michael Ball)

Jellicle Ball

(Something Inside) So Strong

Release Date: 02/02/1996

Columbia Records 662900 2


How can I be sure

(Something Inside) So Strong

Release Date: 02/02/1996

Columbia 662900 5

If you could read my mind

The Rose (1995)

Release Date: 24/11/1995

Columbia 661453 5

In this life

Bread of Heaven

The Rose (1995)

Release Date: 24/11/1995

Columbia 661453 2

I'm so sorry

Give me love

Wherever you are (1994)

Release Date: 05/12/1994

Columbia 661086 2

My Arms are strong

One careful overture

From here to Eternity (1994)

Release Date: 25/07/1994

Columbia 660690 2

Sandmans coming

From here to Eternity (Highland MIx)

From here to Eternity (1994)

Release Date: 25/07/1994

Columbia 660690 2

If you really love me

From here to eternity (Vision Mix)

The Lovers we were (1994)

Release Date: 05/12/1994

Columbia 660690 2

Sandmans coming

From here to Eternity (Highland MIx)

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Sunset Boulevard (1993)

Release Date: 27/08/1993

Polydor 859 642 7

Sunset Boulevard Symphonic Suite

Michael Ball EP (1992)

Release Date:

Polydor 861 152 7

You don't have to say you love me

Always on my Mind

Tell me there's a Heaven

One Step out of Time

Release Date:

Polydor 865 853 2

No more Steps to climb

We break our own Hearts

It's still you (1991)

Release Date:

Polydor 867 511 2

Whatever it takes

Love changes everything

The first man you remember (1989)

Release Date:

Polydor 873 035 2

Mermaid Song

Love changes everything

Love changes everything (1988) (Silver Status)

Release Date: 01/01/1989

Polydor 871 512 7

Aspects of Aspects

Promotional Singles

Live at the Royal Albert Hall - Promo CD (1999)

Promotional CD for the joined release of the "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" and the Christmas CD

Hot Stuff (1999)

Promotional CD for the planned release of the CD single "Hot Stuff". Release date was planned to be 01/03/1999, but it never happened for unknown reasons.

(Something Inside) So Strong (1996)

Promotional CD for the release of the same-titled CD single.


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