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  • 29/10/2017 - Radio Times
    Blue. Pretty blue — not pretty! Take that out. I didn’t say pretty. Icy blue. Cold as his heart.
  • 29/10/2017 - WhatsonTV
    But I’d love to do Javert opposite his Jean Valjean
  • 28/10/2017 - Daily Star
    He (Alfie) said: “This has been the highlight of a brilliant day. It’s absolutely bonkers. I can’t believe we’ve got a helicopter with our name on it. We’re going to smash this record and have boasting rights for life.”
  • 28/10/2017 - Sunday Express
    “I think that’s the best thing, because we encourage each other to do the best job we possibly can. We get each other through the hard times and good times as well.”
  • 27/10/2017 - Manchester Evening News
    After their flying visit to Manchester Ball tweeted to fans: “That was fun, Manchester! Thanks to everyone who came to support us, we loved meeting so many of you.”
  • 25/10/2017 - Mirror
    Michael rests his hand on his friend’s shoulder, and says: “The bravest thing is getting yourself out of that, though, acknowledging it, turning it around.”
  • 20/10/2017 - Daily Mail
    “‘It’s been six months off now. I’m allowing myself a fabulous glass of wine on Christmas Day, and I’ll have a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve. But that’ll be it. And Cath found me a personal trainer. Who knew about endorphins?"


  • 09/12/2016 - Sunday Post
    “I always try to put a positive spin on stuff and keep people’s spirits high, and Alfie is a dementor,” says the irrepressibly-cheerful Ball.
  • 02/10/2016 - Daily Mail with Alfie Boe
    ‘My other saviour was Cath,’ he confides to Boe. ‘She completely understood what was happening to me and stopped me from going off the rails, or going mad.’


  • July 2015 - The Stage
    it’s about galvanising a company and creating a sense of camaraderie, too – when to be tough and when to be kind.
  • 16/07/2015 - Chichester Observer
    we are doing this now with Michael who I believe is absolutely the perfect person to play the part, and not just because of his voice
  • 22/07/2015 - Express
    "Yes, he was tough, driven and uncompromising, but I can be all those things too."
  • 13/06/2015 - Wales Online
    For people in our business, it’s all we want is for people to say ‘you are lovely’,
  • 03/04/2015 - Hampshire Chronicle
    on Mack (and Mabel): It’s funny, romantic, plus it has a dark side to it that can be challenging. People have heard of it but not many have seen it so I hope it will do well.


  • 14/11/2014: Musical Theatre Review
    I knew when the news got out about me playing Sweeney that the media would go on about how I was horribly miscast. But I just knew I was going to love doing the piece, and then the second Olivier Award came along.


  • Musical Theatre Review
    At the moment I’m researching material for a new album which will hopefully arrive in 2014
  • The Sun - 24/01/2013
    "The show really is the people's musical. It is not just for people who like musicals; it is loved by people who are surprised to find they like it. "

2012 ~ Sweeney Todd

  • - 24/04/2012
    Cath said: 'You have disappeared; I am not even nervous because it's not you up there'."
  • Daily Mail - 22/03/2012
    ‘He told me that in A Little Priest, the number that closes the first half, I sang: “Is it any good?” while it should have been: “Is it really good?” And then he gave me a big hug and burst into tears
  • London Evening Standard - 23/02/12
    "It's the most challenging thing I've done. I've never known anything like it," Ball said.
  • London Evening Standard - 29/02/12
    Michael, in my view, is what they used to call in critical circles a revelation; who knew he could grow facial hair for a start?" says Sondheim
  • A Young Theatre - 02/03/12
    I really wanted to change myself physically, with my curly hair and dimples I'm not the obvious Sweeney Todd type, it was important to me to give Sweeney a very defined look, a sharpness and an edge;

2011 ~ Sweeney Todd

  • Variety - 12 November 2011
    Their asset, he believes, is the pairing of the popular Ball in another unexpected role (he previously confounded expectations and won raves for his Edna Turnblad in the U.K. presentation of "Hairspray") and formidable stage and screen star Staunton ("Vera Drake").
  • Daily Mail - 7 November 2011
    But Michael Ball showed off a new slimmer figure today as he spoke about his recent stage role and his new DVD.
  • Daily Mail - 4 November 2011
    Michael Ball has led the revolt against the revolting pies in the otherwise appetising new production of Sweeney Todd
  • Chichester Observer - 16 October 2011
    "Cathy (McGowan), my partner, loves this area and used to come down. When we were lucky enough to think we could have a bolthole, we came here."
  • Audience - September / October 2011
    There's a panic all the way through and you end up thinking 'I don't know why I do this, I really don't'"
  • Sunday Express - 09/10/2011
    On the back of Hairspray it has taken me to both ends of the extreme, having to change myself in every way.
  • Daily Mail - 30/09/2011
    Even though I have covered Ball's entire career, since he played in the original Les Miserables and Phantom Of The Opera, I didn't recognise the slick-haired, bearded bloke with the cold eyes who walked on to the stage.

2011 ~ Heroes Tour

  • Liverpool Echo - 20/05/2011
    “I just knew I loved working, I loved the environment, I loved new challenges. I just don’t think you can ever plan a career, because any time you make a plan and a decision, something will come along to change it.

2011 ~ Heroes Release

  • Ents24 - 18/03/2011
    My iPad – love it! I do all my emails on it, download music, books, films and now it never leaves my side.
  • The Telgraph - 14/03/2011
    " Afterwards we went to the Royal Retiring Room and had a drink with Charles and Camilla instead of doing the rest of the show."
  • - 08/03/2011 - "I Quit smoking when it almost ruined my voice"
    "I can hardly believe it now but on Broadway I actually said to the theatre manager, "well, if I can't smoke you'll just have to fire me"
    "I have a loyal fan base. I don't sell millions upon millions but what I do sell is constant."
  • Daily Mail - 25/02/2011
    " I started smoking at 12 and I was frequently caught and caned for that as well. When I was a bit older, I'd sneak out to X films or to pubs that would turn a blind eye."
  • Yours Magazine - 21/02/2011
    She showed me I was attractive for who I was, not for my public persona. she helped build up my confidence.
  • Best Magazine -21/02/2011
    "The night I almost died. The house burnt down eight years ago, two days before Christmas. I had a cold and dran Night Nurse and whiskey - not a great combination. I decided not to disturb Cath and went to sleep in the spare room - the next thing I remember is her dragging me out of bed."

2010 ~ General

  • The Times - 06/12/2010 - Love Story
    I get sick on the opening night,(Hairspray in Dublin) so I'm constantly running off stage to the wings to a bucket. But I refuse to miss a show.
  • Shooting Star - 09/12/2010
    Michael then joined them for a rousing rendition of 'Silent Night,' even performing some of the lyrics in makaton to a delighted audience.
  • Wales Online - 04/12/2010
    The ring is an unbreakable bond, it’s a symbol of that and that’s what I have with her and that’s what I have with this place (Mountain Ash)
  • - 30/11/2010
    Stage and recording star Michael Ball, currently producing the new musical Love Story in the West End, fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop-culture tidbits.
  • - 18/11/2010
    Port doesn't work for preserving the voice, honey and water is far better.
  • Daily Express - 22/10/2010
    Michael Ball: My six best albums
  • Daily Mail - 16/07/2010
    Michael Ball's in love and the new romance will cost him something in the region of a quarter of a million pounds.
  • The Diary - 13/07/2010
    (on Sweeney Todd) It's very difficult, it's very dark, it's everything that Hairspray isn't and it's nice to challenge yourself like that.
  • Richmond and Twickenham Times - 10/07/2010
    An auction with prizes including four backstage tickets to a Michael Ball concert
  • Wales Online - 04/07/2010
    "This show is a great challenge, which I hope will be lots of fun and feature lots of old friends as well as some new ones. I'm really looking forward to getting started."
  • ATV News - 24/06/2010
    "His personality and charm will shine as he brings this new show to our summer schedule."
  • Daily Echo - 01/06/2010
    HAIRSPRAY star Michael Ball took time out of his busy run at Southampton's Mayflower Theatre to meet some Hampshire foster carers
  • Sussex Express - 19/05/2010
    It's a lovely look at people that are forced to be excluded from society and how they are brought in through the dancing of a chubby girl.
  • Daily Echo - 22/05/2010
    That's the best thing about this business, you never know what's around the corner.
  • The Telegraph - 14/05/2010
    I've loved West Wittering since going there first as a child and then when I was at drama school, when a gang of us used to pile down there in a car for the weekend.
  • SECC - 11/05/2010
    The award was received on behalf of Stage Entertainment by Michael Ball who is currently reprising his role of Edna Turnblad in "Hairspray" at the venue's Clyde Auditorium.
  • Chichester Observer - 06/05/2010
    "It's a great area with great people. People are very happy to let us get on with our lives.
  • The Herald Scotland - 27/04/2010
    Years of experience, and a solidifying relationship with partner Cathy McGowan have strengthened his performance resolve.
  • The - 29/03/2010
    When the music is done right, it can only heighten that emotion and make the work much more powerful. Which is why Sondheim is for grownups and why his work is often so profound.
  • - 12/02/2010
    Ball, whose partner is former Ready, Steady, Go! presenter Cathy McGowan, is being lined up as one of ITV's big new faces.

2010 ~ Shooting Star

  • Daily Mail - 10/10/2010
    Les duetted at one point with his Radio 2 DJ, ITV chatshow host and theatre star friend Michael, and also did a solo turn, singing a song from the musical Hairspray, in which he now stars.
  • The Green - 28/09/2010
    One of Michael ’s passions is collecting comic books. “It’s a sad thing for a grown man to do, but I love them.

2010 ~ Chat Show Promotion

  • Hereford Times - 30/08/2010
    It still really hasn't sunk in that, wow, I've actually got on ITV daytime TV with a proper star like Michael Ball
  • Wales Online - 28/08/2010
    has already trounced the hardy showbiz perennial's highest ratings by almost a third, notching up nearly 1.5 million viewers per episode
  • Daily Mail - 27/08/2010
    'Cathy made me feel fantastic. She made me feel I deserved what was happening to me. She built up my confidence.' He can't imagine anyone, he says, reaching out to him like Cathy did.
  • Sunday Express ~ 22/08/2010
    'In the past I spent so much time trying to make other people happy; now I try to make me happy and others happier.'
  • Evening Post ~ 19/08/2010
    It (The Olivier win) coincided with celebrating 25 years in music and theatre and honestly, I was thrilled beyond words, and for me that's saying something!
  • Wales Online ~ 18/08/2010
    You never know what you're going to be doing, and I do love a challenge. Maybe it'll turn into something bigger.
  • Daily Record - 14/08/2010
    But when it's going to be different every day, you have to plan for it and do your research. There's a lot involved with all of that.
  • Daily Record - 14/08/2010 - What I love ... and hate
    But snooker and cricket on television - is there anything more dull?
  • Saga Magazine - The Grown-Up Test - August 2010
    Travelling makes me really grumpy. there is no joy to be had in it, no matter what form it takes. It's always a pain.
  • TV Times - 10/08/2010
    "We always watched Parky when I was growing up," he says. "He was the chat show icon. When I was invited to be a guest on his show I couldn't believe I was there.
  • TV Choice - 10/08/2010
    Do you know what, though? I might be rubbish! It would be terrific if ITV like it. Life's ever so short, you might as well try everything.
  • What's on TV Magazine - 10/08/2010
    No way! I'm far too insecure and competitive.(...) and I'd rather not be told I'm awful in front of millions of people!
  • TV Easy - August 2010
    "The show's a huge challenge, but I hope it will be lots of fun and feature lots of old friends as well as some new ones."

2010 ~ Hairspray Tour

  • Wales Online - 26/03/2010 ~ Interview with "Wilbur" Les Dennis
    “I get to snog Michael eight times a week,” laughs the comic, TV presenter, actor and West End star, who is making his debut as Wilbur Turnblad in Hairspray.
  • - 08/02/2010
    This will involve developing new work and roles both onstage and in a production capacity for Michael in the future. Plans include a major musical revival in 2011.
  • - 08/02/2010
    According to the producers, the tour also marks the first stage of a closer working relationship between the star and producers, Stage Entertainment.
  • Wales Online - 04/02/2010
    “The Wales Millennium Centre is stunning. People are talking about Cardiff all over Britain.”

2009 ~ General

  • Irish World - 02/12/2009
    “You have to construct a show that's exactly that; a piece of theatre that flows, keeps the right energy throughout. If you get it right, it's a two-way thing, a bit like sex!”
  • - 02/12/2009
    "I'll be doing Edna for the rest of my life in one way or the other, I'm sure."
  • Daily Mail - 06/11/2009
    Sweeney Todd won't be officially announced till late next year, but the two leads had to be approached well in advance in order to be certain of their services.
  • Shine Magazine - 30/10/2009
    It's about something else that is far more important and you want to get it right. I can guarantee that we'll be working so hard for this. Also I'm going to get such a bash round the ear from "her indoors" if I get it wrong

2009 ~ UK Tour

  • Chichester Observer - 01/10/2009
    "If I tell you, I will have to kill you," he laughs. And he laughs a lot.
  • Wales Online ~ 07/10/2009
    “What really keeps me going?” he says. “The mortgage. That's always a good motivator and inspiration."
  • Evening Star ~ 06/10/2009
    Donning a flat cap and a fashionable scarf, Michael officially opened the school by cutting a ribbon and unveiling a plaque in front of a packed audience at the Kesgrave Community Centre.
  • The Citizen - 30/09/09
    “The whole evening was just brilliant, I couldn't have asked for anymore.”
  • Tiscali TV Guide - 15/09/2009
    However, as you might imagine, it won't be as big as some of the gigs he's playing this autumn.
  • Birmingham Post - 21/09/2009
    There will be a song by Kiss and people will go ‘What?!' and they probably think they won't want to hear it but I think they'll be surprised when they do hear it.''

2009 ~ General

  • The Portsmouth News: 10/09/2009
    "'I learned a lot from Edna and I also learned about what women have to put up with, such as make-up, tights and high heels. It's so complicated!'
  • The Guardian ~ 08(09/2009
    The last thing my dresser has to say to me is: "Are we smelling nice for the ladies and gentlemen?"
  • Best Magazine ~ 01/09/2009
    "I'm a good communicator. That's why I like my Radio 2 show. (...) I don't sweat over what line of questioning to take, I just sit and chat.
  • Michael: Voice of the People:
    On starting his career: it felt electric, it felt right, he could feel the audience locking on to him. It was then that it hit him: this singing lark is a powerful force.
  • Music Week ~ 25/08/2009
    " I am an eternal pessimist – I think every gig is going to be the last, I think I'm always about to get found out. But I haven't been.”
  • Daily Record - 03/09/2009
    He says: "You have to have a sense of humour, to think this isn't real, this isn't serious, this isn't my job. These are the fun things. These things are the privilege stuff."
  • California Chronicle - 29/08/2009
    “ I don't have any need to be a celebrity. I'm not interested. I'm interested in being proud of the work I do, and I am. "
  • Basindstoke Gazette - 21/08/2009
    “He then went on to tell us that one of his earliest jobs was with Basingstoke's Horseshoe Theatre and he has fond memories of that time and of Basingstoke."

2009 ~ Hairspray Tour 2010

  • Southern Daily Echo - 10/08/2009
    “I knew when I originally took on the part of Edna that she was going to be a big part of my life, in every way, but I never realised just how big.
  • Wales Online - 10/08/2009
    “I didn't tell the show's other producers they had to open it there but I did suggest they think about it.”
  • The Stage - 10/08/2009
    The tour also marks the first stage of a “closer working relationship” between Ball and producer Stage Entertainment.
  • - 10/08/2009
    Michael Ball is set to appear in Glasgow, Southampton and Manchester as well as Cardiff.
  • - 10/08/2010
    Ball has been appointed as associate producer and will work with Stage in developing new work and roles, including ones specifically tailored to the actor.
  • - 10/08/2010
    We are over the moon that Michael has agreed to launch the Hairspray tour for us.

2009 ~ UK Tour

  • Liverpool Echo: 31/07/2009
    “You get to a crossroads and decide to go left or right. It's chance meetings, accidents that happen.”

2009 ~ West Wycombe

2009 ~ Past and Present

  • The Lady - 31/03/2009
    “We couldn't stop talking and laughing,” he recalls. “We did the interview and she contrived to do another three! Since then, we've probably spoken every day of our lives.”
  • The Telegraph - 20/03/2009
    About Love: "The willingness to put someone or something else ahead of your own interests. Kindness, caring and compromise are a very big part of that."
  • Hello Magazine Online - 13/03/2009
    "You're at home during the day and you come home after the show at night and there's always someone there, so I spend most of the time at home. And it's lovely. "
  • The Sun ~ 10/03/2009
    “I was in a bad place when I met Cathy,” he reveals. “I was kind of self-destructive, unfocused and she made my life better. "

2008 ~ Hairspray

  • Sunday Telegraph ~ 02/11/2008
    "She's [Edna] the character I play in Hairspray and I love everything about her. "
  • ~ 04/09/2008
    "Hairspray has without doubt been one of the happiest and most fulfilling experiences of my professional life"
  • Broadwayworld ~ 04/09/2008
    "I am so happy that the divine Mrs Edna Turnblad is going to continue to be a big part of my world for another six months"

2008 ~ General

  • Radio Times ~ 13/08/2008 (Michael about Terry Wogan)
    "Also his debentures for the rugby at Twickenham are directly behind my dad's, we'd meet there regularly"
  • Chris High (External Link)
    Short, but interesting interview about Michael's career.
  • Mark Shenton for The Stage ~ 19/06/208
    I only covered the first decade to reach 1995 and his starring role in Sondheim's Passion in the first 45 minutes before I realised I would need to throw it open to the audience for them to ask their questions
  • Crawley Observer ~ 04/02/2008
    "TV personality and musical star Michael Ball enthusiastically cut the first turf on Monday"
  • What's On Stage ~ 27/05/2008
    Michael Ball is, without doubt, one of the UK's finest, most versatile and hardest working stage and singing stars. His CV boasts some of the biggest musical stage shows in history and his albums have topped the charts and won awards the world over.
  • The Scotsman ~ 02/08/2008
    "I don't think it's been announced yet, but I'm staying until next April. They've made me an offer I can't refuse. I've got an album to make that I'll release next March and I can do that as well because I'm superhuman."

2007 ~ General

  • The Times Online ~ 23/12/2007
    "...had a terrible one (holiday) in Barbados six years ago. If someone had dropped a bomb on the place, the British light-entertainment industry would have been wiped out."

2007 ~ DVD Release

2007 ~ Hairspray


  • Hello Magazine - 02/01/07
    " Their smiles and laughter, and their singing around the campfire, are memories I'll always carry with me. I wouldn't have missed their company for the world"
  • Chichester Observer ~ 09/11/06
    "I have a house in West Wittering and my mother lives in Singleton, so it's our local hospital."
  • My Weekly - 16/12/2006
    " The best present I ever received was from my partner Cathy. I 'd never kept anything like a scrapbook and on one Christmas morning I came down and found three enormous folders."



  • Women's Weekly (23/11/04)
    What makes Cathy special? Oh God, so much. But the bottom line is she really loves me.
  • Sunday Express (21/11/2004)
    When he returned after a year in New York, they moved in together and have shared a home in Barnes, south-west London, ever since. “It's the best thing that could have happened to me – it's kept me safe,” he says.
  • Daily Express (20/11/2004)
    One of the best nights of my life was performing at the Sydney Opera House in March.
  • Herald Express (13/11/2004)
    I have always tried not to be pigeon-holed and take the time to do projects that really interest me
  • Scottish Daily Record (13/11/2004)
    It's why so many artists get into trouble with drugs, because they try to recreate that buzz. You don't know what to with yourself after a high like that and that's what can get you into trouble.
  • Express and Star (13/11/2004)
    I think I must have been approached by every reality tv show going.My agent doesn't even bother telling me about them anymore
  • Weekly News (November 2004)
    "It's gone pretty well" he admitted to the "Weekly News". "To be honest I don't think there's anything I would change." (Talking about his career)
  • My Weekly (October 2001)
    Cathy came to interview me for the BBC. We became friends ... then better friends... and we've been together ever since.
  • The Stage Interview (14/10/04)
    “I was learning that I could make a noise that people would listen to,”
  • Last Interview
    "..there's just you, your voice and a piano, so you have to be completely honest ..."
  • Sunday Times by Matt Wolf (26/09/04)
    (...)a light entertainer gone uncharacteristically and thrillingly dark.
  • (10/07/2004)
    "It is incredibly flattering, but is a huge amount of pressure - I hope to do half as well as Shirley Bassey did."
  • Daily Post Wales (21/05/2004)
    "I never allow my family to sit near the front in case I see them. It's an 'orrible feelin' seein' them it really is,"
  • Good Things Utah - Michael Biography (13/05/2004)
  • Desert Morning News (09/05/2004)
    "I'm a little nervous to be singing with such a great choir."
  • Sydney Morning Herald ~ Australian Tour Promotion
    "None of them follow me home. Nobody's trying to jump me in hotels or anything. It's just a really healthy outlet."
  • He'll be having a Ball ~ Australian Tour Promotion
    "You try to give an audience what they want and surprise them as well."
  • Mercury ~ Australian Tour Promotion
    "I lost by one point, which is a good think I think. If I hadn't I'd have been saddled with ‘Michael Ball – Eurovision winner' forever”.
  • Sunday Brisbane Newspaper ~ Australian Tour Promotion
    "I approach a concert as you would construct a musical,"
  • City News ~ Australian Tour Promotion
    "We'd never heard of him but we just loved his voice."


  • The Belfast News Letter (31/10/2003) ~ "I got to New York on a Friday and, bang, the lights went out. Our studio wasn't working, but we managed to find one that had all the computers up and running and we recorded the song."
  • Kelly Show interview (17/10/2003)
    " The only thing that is different is the audience. Some times audiences are better than others and you can be having a run where you are thinking: No, the same old show"
  • Teletext Interview (14/05/2003)
    "I am knackered. It is not hugely demanding on my voice, but the physical energy levels required for the part are enormous."



  • TheTimes (01/12/2001)
    And while I'll tend towards melancholy in my off-stage life, it's not in my nature to be miserable on stage.
  • Radio Gloucestershire (27/10/2001)
    " And I thought if I can do this and get through this I don't think anything else will become anything like as scary." (on "Alone Together")
  • Open House with Gloria Hunniford (24/10/2001) ~ Part II
    " Our house caught fire. It was actually really, really quite serious. But we got out of the house, when the fire brigade are  arriving and were in such a state, you know. I was out there, in my pants and a jacket that Cath had thrown around me, literally watching our house go up in flames."
  • HMV Choice (September 2001)
    " But in general I go for projects wthat will challenge and stimulate. That's how you stay fresh. And I love the business I'm in. It's my joy - and my passion!"
  • Sunday Telegraph (13/09/2001)
    "I love my big halls and my concert shows with the orchestra, I love it, but you don't want to keep doing it.   I wanted to see if I could do a show without any safety net at all."
  • The Independent (September 2001)
    " The voice could rock and croon and smooch to order. It was – and still is – a virile voice, but the breathiness in the sound was smooth and sexy, too"
  • Sheridan Morley Radio Interview (31/08/2001)
    "I was there 10 years ago doing Aspects and it was a dodgy place, New York itself and going to the theatre wasn't that pleasant an experience. "
  • Evening Standard (08/06/2001)
    THE Donmar Warehouse in Covent Garden is suddenly acquiring scores of new Friends from a most unlikely source - the Michael Ball fan club.
  • Daily Telegraph Australia (10/03/2001)
     "I was sitting in the bath terribly hungover, when I got a call asking me to be at Her Majesty's Theatre in one hour to sing for Lloyd Webber" he says. "I panicked, I raced down there and got the part".


  • Birmingham Post (October)
    Sour note as final Mini rolls off line
  • Birmingham Post (September)
    'My dad launched the first Mini and my first ever car was a red Mini called Poppy.
  • News of the World (October)
    "In 1997 at The Point he sold out in less than an hour and to this day he cannot come up with a reason. "
  • Open House TV Transcript (October)
    "...and this song "If tomorrow never comes" came on the radio and I listened to it and I burst into tears and phoned home and (...) phoned everybody. (...) I phoned home to tell everyone I loved them.
  • OK Magazine - My Week (November)
    "We're home birds really, but we do love the movies and try to see everything that comes out. If a friend's in a show we'll go to see it, but we're pretty low key and not premiere types."



  • Musicals (October 1998) ~ German Musicals magazine
    "I simply didn´t want to get in a position from where you change from Alex to Chris, from Raoul to Joe a.s.o. And than the participation at the Song Contest helped me a lot, even though the song that I had to sing has not been my favourite."
  • Rosemary Conley Magazine
    “I suspect I hated sports so much because I wasn't the best at it – I don't like doing anything I'm not the best at. I was always the fat boy in class, and that's how I still see myself.”
  • Open House TV Transcript (April)
    "I was sharing with Donny and Antonio, who is, I've got to say, one of the nicest guys I've ever met and Melanie Griffith was there as well with him and she came, so sweet. "



  • Gloria Hunniford Interview
    "It's what I always wanted to do is get the songs that are more associated with me rather than with other artists I am covering."


  • Women's Weekly (December)
    “My dad wanted to be an actor, but his parents wouldn't let him – he had to get at trade. So when I told my parents I wanted to go to drama school and be an actor, they were thrilled."
  • TV Quick
    'Cath is so rock solid in my life, there's just no way I could carry on without her. No matter how big a star you become, you have to have an anchor, and my Cath is mine.'
  • Great Ball of Fire (31/07/1994)
    "I've had girls hiding in my hotel bedroom, and following me around in cars. The usual stuff. Most of my fans are very respectful, kind and know what the limit is."


  • Ok! Interview
    "Have you seen her?" He chuckles contendedly. "She looks younger than I do. She's absolutely amazing."
  • Michael's gone all wobbly
    "'I'm not sleeping at night and everyone in the house is thrilled with me when I get up at four in the morning, make the tea and turn on TV. Even the dog's having a nervous breakdown, thinking: "Oh no, Dad's up again."
  • ROC Interview (July 1993)
    "Cathy and I owe our relationship to Angela,' he says. 'What happened to Angela ripped the soul out of the family to which I have become very close "







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On Page: The Empire - Book Two

A Backstage Betrayal

Release: 7 November 2024

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On Page: The Empire - Book One

Michael's first novel

Released: 13 October 2022

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Sunday Times Bestseller - #3

On Air: Weekly Radio Show

BBC Radio 2

Sundays from 9am

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