Northampton - Derngate ~ 09/04/2007

Straight after the Scarborough concert we were back on the road as our hotel for the night was already half way down to Northampton. Seeing we arrived in the middle of the night and there was no internet connection we did not write the review of the concert until today.

When we arrived at the venue really early there was no one at the stage door, yet. So we decided to find the box office first. We did not have tonight's tickets in our hands, because a certain ticket agency that shall not be named had failed to deliver them in time. When we had called customer service it turned out we had the wrong reference number and it took some convincing to make them accept we really booked our tickets there. So when they finally agreed to have reprints ready at the venue we were rather sceptical, but the Box office would not open until 90 minutes before the concert so we headed back to the stage door.

By this time we were not the only ones anymore. It has to be said we had an amazing time. Stage dooring really is an essential part of the whole tour experience.

Finally musicians started to arrive which is always a good sign. They were great fun, chatty and friendly, joking with us and being really sweet when we told them how much we appreciated their work.

The Derngate stage door basically consists of a very narrow stripe of pavement. So we thought this was going to be another Oxford. After all he'd only need four steps to be inside. Oh boy were we wrong! When he stepped off his bus, looking gorgeous in his leather jacket and fantastic shirt, he stopped and talked for ages. Someone had asked him about the smoking and he explained how he quit (Alan Carr) and how great he was feeling now. He said he'd never have recovered that quickly if he'd still be smoking. We saw he was not wrapped up as much as before and he sounded all fine.

When he was in, we were all still standing there gushing and giggling as you do. We stayed behind as one of our gang was waiting for Dean to sign a programme. Eventually we saw Andrew bnringing in Michael's suit neatly wrapped up in a cover reading "Gucci". When we remarked on it Andrew actually stopped, opened it and said it's actually yesterday's suit. We could not believe our eyes as it turns out it was no grey pin-stripes, they were pink, PINK!!!! Fortunately Andrew said he had seen the show and yes the lights do pale out the pink, which was a real pity. He asked which was our favourite suit and we replied the black one with the grey-striped tie (although maybe that is pink as well, who knows. LOL). It's such a shame we could not see it on stage.

When the Dean mission was accomplished, our whole group decided to have a pre concert dinner so we headed to Pizza Express (which is much nicer than it's name). So our thanks goes to Marylin, Susan, Mary, Debbie and Linda for a very crazy, incredibly funny dinner.

Seeing the box office was still closed, we decided to get back to the hotel and get changed. We already prepared ourselves to make a massive scene on the ticket agency's customer hotline, if our row D tickets would not be there. When we tried the number to find out, if everything worked out fine we just got an recorded message saying "Due to the Easter time the customer service is closed!" Gosh are we happy we paid service charge. So on arrival at the box office we were told that we were not the first ones having problems and we would certainly not be the last. The guy eventually called his boss and it took them a rather lengthy telephone call to be able to print out our tickets. After a while she told the box office man, he should just reprint all tickets of the allocation of that ticket agency in question.

Now we had our tickets and were delighted to find they were dead centre and there was practically no room between the front row and the stage! So we felt like sitting on his lap (we wish!).

We had never seen the show from the front and just what an effect it had! 90 minutes of pure bliss.

"High, flying adored" was back and this time it was all about the loin cloth. After the obligatory "Not in your lifetime!" he added "I'd die of embarassement.... and cold."

Introducing Che's song: "Dashing, young, suave, handsome, young .... did I say young? They never called me" We all went "awwww". Michael (whiny): "I'm okay, I can still sing the songs."

On comparing Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim> "They are poles apart. Apart from being geniuses , I guess. It must be something about being born on the same day."

Picking on his poor band, he told us he saw them busking and decided to have them out of pity."

He added some more details to the Savoy story. Specially to his mantra. You know "pay the cab, open the door, get off your clothes and go to bed." A new element is a long "shhhhhh", index finger at his lips just before getting to bed. We were in hysterics as was the band.

He also added how he woke up: Head throbbing, tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth.

The place practically exploded, when he got to "Rehab" and the party time. The sheer noise of thousands of people , cheering and stamping their feet, begging for an encore, when he is off stage never ceases to amaze us.

We advise everyone to at least once turn around and look at eh auditorium to see what he sees when he is on stage. It's no wonder he gets such a buzz out of performing his own concerts.

It was the perfect concert and we cannot wait for tonight's show. Rock on Northampton.


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