Harrogate 2001 ~ 2nd Night

The door opens with a crack. I am tired and no, I don't want to go to school. Feeling like I just fell into bed, no chance I can have had any sleep at all, damm. "Good morning" says Julia. I moan something that was supposed to be a "good morning", but I don't think that I really said it, at least I am sure it was not more than a sleepy moan. My eyes are still closed, when I start thinking what Julia is doing here! Slowly I open my eyes. OH, MY GOD. One heart attack later I realise, I did not die and went to heaven. I am just sleeping in this Michael room, that is in Pat's house, in the north of England. Slowly memories come back, where I am, why I am here and I still know who I am, YES! So this is a good start. And slowly I remember what happened yesterday (well I hope I remember something that really happened and not just a pleasant dream!). I look up at the posters and dream, day-dreaming is something nice, though I have to fight hard not to turn over and start the real dreaming again, shall I? But something's working in my head? Why on earth did Julia wake me up in the middle of the night? A blink at the clock shows me it is in the middle of the night (10:30 am during holidays, is the middle of the night isn't it?!? Right thank you!). there has to be a reason! I wish I was awake enough! So we are here in England to see him twice in Harrogate and once in Liverpool. Yesterday it was Harrogate, today is... OH my god, lazy chick, get your bones out of the bed and manage to take a shower. (Isn't it surprising how quick and vivid you can become, just with the right motivation? At 24 I am still able to surprise myself!). I grab my clothes, my towel and down the stairs, whoa, have they been that steep already yesterday? I won't fall, I won't fall! Phew, I did not fall (Thank God you did not take me literally yesterday!). 

Strange things happen. I don't think one of us three is a real morning person, but everyone is just in a good mood, wonder why? J Great, we are ready soon, no breakfast though. The Michael-diet is working again. For my sake I can just hope this attitude will never change. Michael-concerts or my best way to loose weight, cause I cannot eat, similar with Julia. (my Mum afterwards said Michael should be doing more concerts for my benefit. Wonder what she means J ) Well at least we give Pat and Stella some good laughs and every now and then we catch them laughing at us (about us?) saying things like. We have also been like that! Or: We are far away from that stage of fandom. 

F inishing touches. We have our concert outfits, we have our cameras, we have rolls, we have make up and everything we need. "Ha, I am ready!" I am good I am great, I am ready, just waiting for my two companions to get ready as well. Can't wait to get to Harrogate again. "Hase, do you have the tickets?" Julia asks. "Puleaze! Do I have the tickets? Do I have the tickets? Of course I have, what a question." Laughs my self-confident self, how can she doubt I have the... Well actually I have them, don't I? Of course, but well an innocent hidden look into my bag can't be wrong I picture. Ah-oh, they have to be here, they just have to be.."Uhm, be back in a moment. uhm, forgot something." "the tickets?" "Nay, not the.. Well the tickets, you mean this little pieces of paper that..? Ok yes I have!".   Wonder why the laughter is on my side. Ok, but finally we are on the road again, YES. Michael we are coming! 

When we are almost at Stella's home after around twenty minutes. Pat gets quiet, thinking. I catch her saying something like "Do I have my tickets?" The next parking-space is ours. "What's wrong?" comes a question from the back and Pat finds the tickets, well are still at home in her kitchen. One phone call later we are back on our way and with some delay we get later to Harrogate, being quite surprised it's again quite a number of people already at the stage door. "Looks like we've made it.." Once more. Can there be a better feeling than arriving at a venue knowing what will happen tonight? Well I am glad I didn't know by then what was expecting us really!

But it was really very early and figuring everything went well and there is no reason for him to come as early as he did the other day. Seeing musicians leaving for a walk to the town and especially Annie and Shena, we seem to be on the safe side to do the same. God I love this, seeing those people I started to know from videos for much longer than I have seen them live is still as if you jumped right into your TV-set while watching a Michael tape. I still remember the excitement, when we were at the Café de Paris, sitting and waiting for the show to come and all I could think was: Cool I am here. Jaw dislocated on the floor, when just, like the guy next door, Geoff is standing there with people you know chatting, or Phil Bowdery is standing in front of you and you still think you are in a movie. Then seeing Annie just at the side even much better looking in reality than she does on the videos.. you are in heaven. But well this is not the Café, we are not that close, but still the feeling, seeing all these people is the same! I hope I will never lose this excitement! After all this is already my 9 th concert tonight.

We are on our way to town. I am dying to get one or two rolls developed, just to see how my new lens works. Did I tell I love England. Shops are actually open on a Sunday. See how easily I can be impressed! J Of course I am not really that lucky, cause Boots in Harrogate is closed on. Ok, no processing then I will have to wait till tomorrow! We do some shopping (well not buying something actually, the week will be expensive enough), until the shop is closing down and I start to think: sigh, we are too late, I just know we are too late, he will be there already, when we will arrive there! I know I am addicted, but I stay calm. I figure I am the last person who is allowed to complain here, I had my share already, but still I want to see him. And I even had much more of him so far than Stella and Pat had, so pull yourself together, you demanding person!!! When we get back to the venue it starts to rain. Great, either he is inside already and if he is not, there is no chance he will be standing outside for long. Who can blame him? (well someone should actually blame me, cause this is complaining again isn't it?) The Michael high prevented me from feeling the rain in Cardiff and from feeling I was completely soaked to the bone (and Cardiff was just like Apocalypse now!), so we can just laugh about this "rain". 

He is still not there. I don't believe my eyes, some time after 4 pm and we are not too late. In contrast, just standing there for some minutes Michael arrives. Still looking just gorgeous. I don't know how he manages, but you really do not see he is jet-lagged. A miracle thinking he just got back on Wednesday night from the USA and today it is just Sunday. Did I say he looks gorgeous? Suddenly he sees a fan standing there in a wheelchair a bit at the side and he goes over to her. Isn't he just the best? I don't get much more of it, cause he must have bent down and too many people were in between us. I manage to get some photos and am just pleased to have seen him. Bad Michael, he does not really care it is raining. He is still having a good time when there is no roof to shelter him anymore. I love to see him of course, but should not he get inside, not to get too wet, like Simon proposes all the time? After some minutes what so ever he got inside and the crowds dissolve. Soon we are left with just two or three other people we are talking to and I am happy to see Bine again. Fully prepared for rain weather! In contrast to me, whose leather jacket had to suffer! 

Not too long afterwards Gareth came out and we got over to him. He had something for us. I prayed, prayed, that our piece of paper stuck to the posters until Michael got them. Please, please. So he gets the things out of the bag and we are looking for our stuff. Yes the posters are signedThe day can just get great, it started off so well. Afterwards he tells us, that yesterday has not been much of a signing day. Obviously Michael was busy with rehearsing most of the day, which finally leads us to a short discussion of how great "Boy from Nowhere" has been. Gareth kindly gave us his bag, so we had something to put our posters in, saying he does not need it. When he gets his stuff out, there is one TTIP photo in between. Julia goes instantly "awwwwww" having this "Is not he the cutest guy ever walked in dimple-world?" expression, with the result Gareth gives it to her, saying: "I am sorry there is no autograph on it!". Who needs autographs? J Julia is in heaven. I mean we are not even half through the concerts and so far this weekend has been much better than everything I would have hoped for during a whole tour. We seem to be repaid for the horrible start into this holiday. 

We go over to the hotel seeing if Jane, Lucie and Pam are there and they are. So we get upstairs to the 8 th floor saying hello and chatting a bit. It is time for us to get our clothes from the car. So down we go in the lift, which took us some time, don't remember why. But finally the lift doors swung open a light hit us and Julia started again "Looks like we've made it, look how.." And suddenly Shena is passing to the next lift. Things to do while being in a hotel close to a venue: Make sure you just sing when neither the backing singers nor the main singer is close enough to listen. This way you could overcome the embarrassment of feeling to be just the worst singer in the world. 

We are dressed finally, we are ready, the cups and the additional tea and milk we ordered an hour ago did not come, but who cares. It is a bit after 7 pm and we try to get a lift. Of course the one stopping is already fully occupied before Julia and me can get in! Smart decision: Let's wait for the next one. We could take the stairs, but we are on level 8 and no, don't think I want to do that! So we wait and when finally no lift going down comes, we decide to take one going up and then down with it. Great, it's empty, from then on we stop on each level. Julia and me get parted. She got pushed into the back of the lift, while I still kept standing in front of the control panel at the door. Soon I wonder how many people more than stated can really get into a lift. The little sign says: not more than 6 people! I should not be bothered that we are certainly already ten, when we enter the top floor. I know, there is no more space for one more person. 

The door swung open. I am sure there are just some more fans who will have to wait for the next lift to go down. I look out and my brain makes a short note, that I have seen this person standing there before, when she says desperately something like "Take me with you, I need to get to the gig!" One jump later she is inside. I did not believe it was physically possible another person could get into the lift. WE have just proven it is and I figure: It should work! After all, if the people in the lift were too heavy the lift should not go on, thinks me little, innocent person. How less do I know! 

The doors shut, I look in disbelief at Shena McSwain who immediately asks for the time. I should remember but I guess it was 7:12 pm. I looked at her and felt just poor. I was already dressed up and ready for the concert and felt like a grey mouse looking at Shena, who is just beautiful in her leisure outfit (well I wish I could wear something like that!). Thanks to her she did not start singing, LOL. This moment I feel so poor ugly looking, that I could not bear to get demonstrated how poor my voice is in comparison to hers. Shena is in a double hurry, desperate to get down. We stopped at each level, just to let the doors swing open, all getting this "We are sorry, but here is no space for another person"-look. Shena is just praying at the lift it might get down now, hey and it works! The next level we don't stop. Then a time later we stop, the doors do not open and we go down a bit again. I don't care, cause I thought I read something like, if there are too many people in the lift it will get down to the ground level directly. So I am sure this is what just happened. When we stand and stand and stand and stand... 

Strange this door won't open, takes really long. Dum di dum. Why does not this door open! Let's figure this out, what does usually happen, when you take a lift: 

  1. The doors open,
  2. you enter the lift,
  3. you choose a level,
  4. the doors close,
  5. you move towards the level, sometimes with stops in between,
  6. you get slower,
  7. you stop,
  8. the doors open:
  9. You get outside

This is what a perfect trip with a lift looks like. Let's check this: Ok we did steps 1 to 7. So far so great. What about step 8 and 9 though? Nay! We can't got stuck in the lift. This just happens on TV or to other people. I mean would be a good joke, something I would be able to tell my grand-children. Well actually we did not move for quite a time now, but if we got stuck should not other people think the same? And then it happened. Slowly we realize, we really stuck there! I guess the other people there had the same thoughts than I had. Ok what to do now? Shena asks again for the time and it is now 7:15 pm. She is getting more desperate to get out of this lift (Meanwhile I wonder if this is the reason taking the stairs is supposed to be more healthy! About 11 people in a small room that we are like canned, I wonder for a moment how fresh air is supposed to get inside!). In the meantime everyone seems to want to do something. We try to work the control panel and discover there are some buttons, but buttons nothing is written at. There has to be a speaker system, there has to be some button we can hit to call for help. Just which one to take. We hit the ground floor button, but nothing happens, we hit another button and again another one, but nothing happens. Shena starts punching at the door shouting and at the same time saying sorry over and over again, but she is in a real hurry and I can understand her. I would not want to let Michael Ball wait for me!!

At least I feel good so far. I mean this hotel is crowded with people over the weekend. We won't be here forever. I am sure they will open the doors soon and the bonus is that we have Shena in the lift. Other people must have had the same idea asking her if they were going to start without her. No they can't Oh thank god! Not that I would care, LOL. One of the buttons hit finally starts the fan. Great fresh air is getting inside, we can survive this for some time I am sure! No problem at all. Somehow I cannot make out the order of things now. Just so much happened within the after all few minutes we were in that prison. Shena asked again and again for the time. We were hitting the buttons again and again. We started to shout for help, including Shena saying she needed to get to the gig, after she tried several times to get a connection with her mobile, but she failed, as well as one or two other people who had their mobiles with them. Where is the use of a mobile, if you cannot use it at such a moment?

Actually I think Shena was very nice. All she wanted was to get to the venue and as she said finally it was just not her week. Obviously her dinner came too late. I mean, ok the room service was well occupied, after all we did not get the cups as well. But I think they should make sure that Michael Ball, the backing vocals and the members of the band get their dinner in time! Shena did not and that seemed to be the reason she was a little late. All she wanted was to make sure Michael knew about her coming too late was not her fault. Stella and Pat must have waited for us. Later on we heard that Stella went to the stage door and told them that Shena was stuck in the lift. She was relieved that he got the news joking now, that we should not expect any make-up tonight. Make up? She looks perfect. Oh my I am a poor grey church mouse! 

She even asked before if some of us had been there the night before and as it seems Julia, me and another person were the only people who have seen the show already. They start to ask questions about the show, but we won't say. Somehow I find myself looking and smiling a broad and stupid smile at Shena again and again and again. Either she must have thought I am completely mad or I hope she rather thought I was being nice, hopefully! At least she was smiling back at me as often as I did to her!

And then after some time she just said, that we know he is going to make some joke of it and we all just are a bit too over-enthusiastically saying "Oh yes!" And thinking hopefully, eagerly awaiting the show. Again we tried to open the door a bit, but nothing changed so far. The outer door was still shut and we were still a bit below ground level. 

The main problem was, that it took us quite a time to even know if other people knew we were stuck there. I was lucky enough not to panic when we stuck and I thought this all was just a bit of fun, cause as I already said. I was just too sure we would get help soon. Shena excused herself again and again for hitting the door and shouting, but really who could not understand her? Finally we heard something through the speakers, but it was so very silent, that I did not really got what the guy said and I was really standing in front of the speaker. Just got things like they knew we stuck there and help was on their way. We felt better, at least knowing they realised what happened. And at around 19.30 the doors finally really opened and we could do one big step out of time and were out. Shena was gone as soon as a flash! Pat and Stella awaited us and we told them in short what happened, while we dashed to the venue. Yes and poor little me I have to confess, that I just realized the concert was usually already about to start! Cause no one was there anymore, everyone already got inside the venue. Well we have the bonus, that we know the show won't start within the next two minutes, as I am sure he will give Shena at least the time to get dressed. 

Full with adrenaline we enter the venue (which I never did as one of the last people!). "Looks like we've made it, look how far we've come my baby!" Still time, so   we go over to Pam, Lucie and Jane who want to know what happened to us. Concerning the lift thing, I have to say I have been very lucky and I just realise later on. I was lucky enough not to panic. Talking to Julia later on she tells me, she did not feel that great inside the lift and obviously one or two other people close to her not as well. Plus they did not seem to get any of the fresh air I was offered. And after all let me assure this: I don't want to be stuck in a lift again, if not everything of the last bits are given:

  1. Let a backing singer be with you
  2. Let it be the hotel directly opposite the venue
  3. Let it be just minutes before the show (you can be sure they are acting soon!)
  4. Let there be any kind of fan!
  5. Let it be as close to the ground floor as possible!

If this is all given, great I can live with it, but I am glad it have not been more than twenty minutes. Ok we should finally get to our seats and see the concert, eagerly awaiting, he is giving Shena her treat for being late. And I cannot await the party bit. Honestly I am glad you have to get up during the first song, this way I can move, which I desperately need, cause of all the adrenaline!

And finally it happened. After "Everybody's Talkin'" he finally excuses for the delay, but it was Shenas fault who got stuck in the lift just before the concert. Shena laughs, what else could she do. And Michael looks at her laughing with the boyish "You know I had to do this, you just know I had to!" expression on his face. LOL and how we knew. Then he said the following song seems to be appropriate for these shows, yesterday with the fire alarm and today with Shena. So he dedicated the following song to her, again this boyish grin and when he starts "Looks like we've made it, Look how far we've come my baby." We are killing ourselves laughing. 

I got the impression Michael was even better than yesterday, if that is possible. He was in a great mood. I mean he always seems to be, but somehow it seemed even more special. He was laughing all the time and seemed to be just happy and this mood is so infectious. I don't think there could have been someone in the audience not feeling just great. "Show me" OH yes Michael, I wish I could! I love this song and he does it great, getting better and better each time I see it.

After this song he introduces "Can you feel the love tonight" with some words. And while he is talking I look over to Geoff, for some strange reason thinking: This guy really has inner poise, how he is slowly getting all his scores in the right order, just before the next song starts. Michael finishes his introduction. Stands at the mike stand, takes his usual step back and again forth waiting for the music to start that he can start his singing. Am I the only person, who thinks the gap between his words and the music to start is a bit long? Michael looks confused over to Callum like asking, why don't you start? Callum just points over to Geoff on the other side of the stage. Michael turns, seeing Geoff still working on his scores and Anne, Mick and Shena still sitting on their chairs like waiting for a personal invitation. "No rush!" We are killing ourselves laughing as Michael smiles at them, having fun, while the backing singers finally rush to their mikes and the song can finally really start.

I really like it when things go wrong, usually such things never happen when I am there, but I should have known this before. Bine was in the audience! You should be careful, when she is there all the time something is happening. She had seen Passion three times and each time something went wrong. Please correct me if I am wrong Bine. I think one time after the "bonking-scene" (quote Michael Ball!) the bed did not want to disappear from stage. And the other night Giorgio just awakes after having slept for two days due to getting ill through carrying Fosca home through the rain. He is really ill at that stage (Giorgio not Michael). Usually at the end of this scene the bed disappears from stage with our ill hero, but not this time. It would not move and finally our poor little ill Giorgio had to get out of his bed to leave stage on his own weak feet, LOL. I don't remember the third thing, but I know something went wrong there as well. Not getting into my mind, what all happened at the other shows she has been to. The thing I envy her most for was the concert where he announced, that Connor was born. I would have loved to see it!

He then changed the introduction to "Not while I'm Around" and just said we should imagine singing this song to our children. Ok I don't have some and I won't torture poor little Laura with singing her to sleep. So I imagine Michael singing the song to Connor and it works. I am melting instantly. "Boy from Nowhere" again. Shivers run down my spine. He is just fab. How can he have such a great god-given voice singing such a beautiful song? The song is not even over and I already regret I have to wait another week to hear him singing it again! Of course he gets once more standing ovations! And I want to have the next CD, please!

First half ends again with Prepare ye and his introduction. "The gates open, a spot light hit me - which I liked!" boyish grin and we are in again in for our "Prepare Ye" treatment. And another breathtaking "Gethsemane" finished again the first half. 

We were back with "Send in the Clowns" and I really love him singing this song. Did I tell I want to have the CD? Well I do!!!!

But the songs we eagerly awaited were his own ones. We wanted to hear "Just When" cause we wanted to know if Cathy was in the audience somewhere. Julia thought she heard someone at the stage door mentioning she had been there. So the song ends and we are cheering like mad, a lady at my side even gives him standing ovations for the song. Finally he says what we are eager to hear and dedicates the song to Cathy who is somewhere out there. YES!!!! Julia and me and I am sure several other people start screaming and there is definitely an extra portion of cheer, after he said it. The nice well-educated fans we are, we go on cheering. Ok I suppose some people thought afterwards we were mad, cause we cheered for Michael but instead of looking there we turned and tried to make out Cathy in the audience. Of course it was too dark, we did not find her. But we never gave up and even stood with our backs to Michael several times during the party bit, just to see if we can see her. We did not make her out and we were still praying we would at least see her at the stage door. Only see her would be enough for us! 

The concert was just fantastic and I still believe it was even better than the first night. I felt just a bit sorry again to see how early everyone rushed to stage again. There was not even the chance for him to finish "Oh, what a circus" today, as people dashed to the front at the end of the song, giving him not even the chance to say something. You could see he was in a better mood concerning that and did not try to make them going back. He knew it was just useless to complain. Well we did not go to the front but decided to go into row 4. we could stand centre stage there and had a good view on Michael. 

I was standing besides an elderly man who really surprised me. He was dancing with us the whole party bit and even screamed a bit after we started. It was really fun I have to say and I really enjoyed myself so much. Then we came to the Blues Brothers medley and I saw immediately these glasses were cheaper ones, so there was a chance he was going to throw them. And he did! For a moment I figured I was in the right distance to get them maybe, but then. NO! I could not see them flying and thought he rather threw them to the left side from his point of view, but suddenly something landed on the chair directly at my side! And do you believe it? I stand there staring like mad, taking me two seconds to think: oh my god it's there. And what do I do? Nothing. Takes me these two seconds to make me move, but just when I touch it, the girl behind me grabs it as well and despite trying to keep it, I let go. Don't want to start a fight and well I had already so much this weekend, that I am just sorry for a few seconds, but the party goes on and I party on!

He gave us the final treat with "Help Yourself". You could say and see he enjoyed our poor screams when he was about to getting rid of h is jacket. He took his time and looked at us, like saying. You want it, don't you. OH trust us we want. And finally the jacket goes flying and he finishes off, leaving stage to come back for the second encore: "Love changes everything.", which we enjoy. The show is over much too soon. Michael leaves us for the last time tonight and we keep there standing until the band has finished. 

We get out trying to see Cathy, but she is nowhere, so we take our places outside the venue to expect Michael and to give him our final goodbyes. 

I stand there face to Julia, as I think we are going to hear if he will come. We will hear the people screaming and we do for a moment, but then it is all quiet again and so it must have been someone else. So we stood there talking, when Julia suddenly pointed to the driveway again and again and I did not know what she was doing or what she wanted to tell me, when she finally said "Cathy, there!" I turn and before I really see her, I hear this "Bye!" the same voice like in the RAH video at the backstage thing. OH my God it is really her. I don't believe this. Now I know why I took my camera out. I could not resist taking a photo of her. Usually I did not take photos of Michael when he went by in his car, cause I didn't want to disturb him with the flash directly in front of him. And outside I cannot take photos without! But for god's sake I have it and for God's sake I have now a photo of Cathy, what I did not get at the Café de Paris. 

I am grinning like mad all the time and forgot that my flash has to reload until I can take another photo, so the second one did not work! We watched her leaving and then suddenly she stopped. Some fans must have made her stop and they started to take photos with her. That was the moment when Pat and Stella tried to make us go over and ask for a photo. Roughly the conversation went like this: 

Pat: Go, get over to her and ask her for a photo.
Julia: We can't.
Pat:   Why go over, do it.
We: we can't.
Julia: We cannot go over to Cathy McGowan. This is Cathy McGowan, we cannot just speak to her (Today I wonder why! But I could not do it then as well!)
Pat: Go over to her. Just do it, if you don't you will regret it forever.
We feel just poor. Knowing, we cannot do it and at the same time thinking Pat is right, we are going to regret it!
Pat: Go. You will never ever have this chance again, never ever!
We feel even worse now. Saying Never is such a hard word!

The next thing I remember is Pat asking me, if I have a camera with me, so I give it to her and honestly I don't know what happened. The only thing I know is that suddenly my feet started to move and I am just so sure if they did not do it, Pat would have hit, kicked and pushed us there! And what is even more strange. I just needed to do this first step. On our way over to her that was just a few meters but seemed to take as long as a marathon I thought about what to say to her! 

All I remember is us standing there and waiting that she gets ready with the other people. Just when she turns away to make her way to wherever she is going I collect all my courage. "Ms McGowan?" She turns to us and says "Yes" smiling at me. Oh my god. I cannot believe that she is talking to me. Gah tell her what you want. "Could we have a photo with you?" And the next thing I perceive is that she asks "Who? These two?" and before she even finished these few words she has Julia already under one arm and is extending her right arm for me. I don't believe this, I am standing here arm in arm with Cathy McGowan and Pat is trying to make a photo, asking Cathy, if she can take two, cause she fears for her life if this one does not come up! 

I am standing there in complete disbelief, rather far away from Ms McGowan, cause I think I cannot get too close. Respect is preventing it. I did not believe what happened then, we were standing there both at one side and she was dragging us both much closer. And our photo was done. I did not believe we just did this when we parted again. 

Cathy just looked so gorgeous and I was surprised that she was not as tall as I thought she was. Somehow I manage to ask her, if she can tell Michael, he was just fab or something like that and she promises to do so, giving me a smile. I wish I could have said so much more to her this night, but I was not able and there was no time! Soon she was gone, but all I can say is: She is a wonderful person. Surely I did not expect her to do a photo with us and she did. Furthermore she was even so much nicer than I thought she would be. I can say it is not very easy for her to outdo my view of her, but she did!. All I can say is: 

Thank you Cathy for taking the time. You will certainly never know what it meant to us!

We were floating on a Cathy high, when Pat gave me back my camera. The thing that was supposed to be my biggest treasure for the next hours. Now I just had one problem. Together   with the Cathy pics there were maybe five photos already taken and the roll had 36. So I needed to find a way to take many photos over the next day. I was desperate seeing if the photo worked. 

No time for a recovery until Michael came, cause just seconds later, so it seemed to me, we heard the screaming of fans and it was not too much later that the car went down the driveway and Michael passed with his window down again. I could shake his hand for a last time this week. He looked gorgeous and when he was gone I could not believe, what a weekend it has been. Julia and me were grinning at each other. I don't know how often we told each other we just held Cathy McGowan in our arms. We were not going, we were floating back to the hotel, after all we needed to get our things from the hotel room before driving back. At the lift we decided rather to wait. Once being stuck is one thing, but after the show again? No, I am not that eager to do this twice a day! We met there again some people we were stuck with, making jokes (one of them I found out later was Jennie from the forum, to whom I am saying hi!). Being back downstairs Pat and Stella are still chatting to some people while I am thirsty. Good to see a drink dispenser standing in the corner. While I am still thinking what to buy, Julia grabs my arm and says "OH my god, look!". What? That's a drink dispenser, but what is so special ab.... oh my god. They really have a water called: BALLYGOWAN ! So wonder what we will take? J I get us two bottles and we are happy. LOL seldom someone experienced so much pleasure just by buying a bottle of water (people crossing a desert for several days not counted!). Life is good, life is great, life is perfect!!! I cannot imagine it getting any better!

But we are about to leave. Pat has to work tomorrow, as well as Stella has. Therefore we should really get on our way home. Which means good-bye to a great venue and good-bye to all the great people we have met there. I am happy that we have a chance to say a final good-bye to Debbie, Fran and several other people we have met there. A pity I don't get to meet Bine again, we must have missed each other. Sad, as I had two videos for her with me, that have to get back home with me again!

Julia and I are floating back to the car. All the way back to Hartlepool we are going back and forth speaking about the day, speaking about Cathy and Michael. And we did not even stop, when Pat was finally in her bed. We still sat on Julia's bed and were raving about the perfect weekend we had, no other topic, until we finally decided in the middle of the night to get some sleep, which was really hard. I could not wait for the week to come and I could not wait for the last concert, although I already regretted now, that we had to part from Pat to do that. However, we were still here and Pat still had to fear for the Cathy-photo to be in good condition. Read on to find out, if Pat survived it! LOL. 

My very special thanks to Pat and Stella for making us go over to Cathy. I know without you we would not have done it and surely regretting it by now! You are angels!!!!

04/09/2004 14:32

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