Ros Davis Oxford Review 2000

Oxford (3rd October 2000)
My Oxford tour date started at 2.30 when I had to collect Jinty from the station. We were due to pick up Debbie Norris in about an hour so we went back to my house for a quick cuppa and a natter. By 3.00pm I was getting itchy feet and was desperate to get going so we had a leisurely drive over to collect Debbie. It was now 3.50 and we were ready for the off!!!!!!!! 

I have only been to Oxford once, and knew roughly where to go to...I THOUGHT. NO..I took the wrong turning off the roundabout and was heading for London, so had to turn all the way back again. Found our way into the city centre and followed some directions that I had been given earlier but ended up in some side street not really knowing where we were. Jinty asked a nice gentleman where the Apollo was, and we had just gone past the turning by about 4 feet so this meant we had to join the one way system!!!   We could see a car park down below us so figured if we just kept going around to the left we would get to it. When we eventually got to the car park, I thought the sign said "Private Car Park" so drove past. As we were still in a one way system I was well and truly stuck. We didn't have a clue where we were going but decided that we would follow a car in front. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! He was going to yet another "Private Car park". Jinty decided to ask yet another nice gentleman how we got back to the first car park (It wasn't private) and to the Apollo Theatre. He of course wanted to know what we were going there for. ....THE MAN of course.

 Car parked, we walked back up to the theatre and met up with Debbie who we had dropped of earlier. We went off to the Pasta restaurant (That's not the name, but I cant remember what it was called) to eat.....yet another big mistake. Jinty and I ordered Lasagne & Fries!!!!!! As a main meal. After waiting for 40 mins along came what looked like Potato skins. I proceeded to tell the waiter we didn't order them but he assured us that was fries. Jinty had "This Look" on her face which said don't mess with me and sent them back. Anyway the meal turned out to be really good. Whilst we were sat there two fire engines pulled up outside the Apollo and some hunky firemen went in....Oh My God will the show still go on!!!!!!! Sure enough after about 15 mins they went and we breathed a sigh of relief.

 At 6.30 we were going to meet up with lovely Marilyn K & Stu, Debra(Ohio), Susan May, Judy Dawson & Steve. Jinty & I went back to the car to freshen up a little. Well it was to put lippy etc on. Never know who will see you ;do you?! As we walked over to the car I spotted one of Michael's band and proceed to gesture to Jinty that it was a guitar player. Just as I was strumming my side he turned and I felt a right turkey because he saw it and must have thought I was completely stupid. Jinty just laughed at me along with the guitar player (The one with the beard). Those of you who went to the concert will know it was VERY windy that day. WELL!!!!!!!! I sat in the car and put some hair spray on BUT...I got out of the car while it was still wet. Jinty thought this was highly amusing as she said if it blows really hard my hair was going to dry STUCK OUT!!   We met up with the others at the "Café Euro" and chatted and took pictures. Marilyn K was wearing a beautiful broach and somehow she got caught up to Susan Mays sleeve and they were well and truly stuck....I am sorry girls but it doesn't take much to start me off. I was laughing so much I couldn't help them in any way. Marilyn had to remove her jacket, which was attached to the broach, which was attached to Sues sleeve. I have the photos to prove it.!!!!! We eventually (Not me I was sill laughing) got the jacket off the broach BUT the broach was still firmly attached to Sues sleeve. We had visions of her having to go into the concert wearing a LARGE broach shaped like a bow on her sleeve. I had heard of "Wear your heart on your sleeve" but this was ridiculous. Judy's husband Steve came to the rescue and we were able to go to see Michael.

 What can I say!!!!!! Once again he was wonderful. Sue and I were sat in row E on the aisle so we had a superb view. He had improved yet again from when I had seen him at the NEC. I really do think he is getting better with each new concert he does. The "Olympic Run Song" was spoiled a little. He started to talk before the music started and people were already getting up and running to the stage. For those of you who haven't yet seen the show this little speech he does before the song sets the scene for the song. Can't explain anymore as it will ruin it for others. Of course when everyone else started to move SO DID I.... I felt really awful because I knew we had got up too early but what could I do but go with the flow. Michael seemed rather surprised that everyone was up so early.

 Anyway, we went on to have a wonderful rest of the show. Michael was happy and was enjoying himself as much as the rest of us. Michael kissed a lady with blonde hair (Not on the hand either) and we were all green with envy. He also threw his towel into the crowd, which some lucky person caught!!

All too soon the concert was over and we had to leave again.

 Now Jinty isn't in to waiting at stage doors, BUT because I was the driver we decided that we would go and see Michael leave...but we were told that he had already gone. We stayed and chatted to Gill & Maureen and a few other fans. Took more piccys for the collection. Whilst we were chatting out came Annie, Shenna & Mick!!!! Those of you who may have read my Bristol review will know that Mick was kind enough to have his photo taken with Laura. I had the photo with me so I asked him if he could sign it. I was so overcome (God I am so sad) with how nice Mick was that I said " Thank You".....& WAIT FOT IT.....I kissed him on the cheek. I can't believe I did it, I apologise for being so forward but he is so lovely, that it just happened. He wrote such a lovely message to Laura too and she is just over the moon.   I haven't stop taking about him since, I think I have really lost it!!!!!!!!

 Time to leave!!!!!!!!   This was the last time we would see Stu & Marilyn and it was so sad to leave them. They are such a truly lovely couple and I feel privileged to have been able to meet them. We said our goodbye's and I hope it won't be too long before we all meet up again.

 Another concert over, and we went back to Gloucester with Michael playing away in the car. Jinty & I were singing away with Michael & we decided that we could become his backing vocals too. IF ONLY!!!! I could stand next to Mick!!!

 Well tomorrow's another day and we are going to Nottingham.

  Ros Davis - 3 rd October 2000  

04/09/2004 14:32

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