Rose-Marie's Edinburgh Review 2000

'You made me love you..'

If ever words can really express my deepest feelings, these ones are definitely the best ever !

I had thought about that trip from France to Edinburgh as a touristic one, combined of course with the best opportunity ever, I mean seeing Michael on stage ! ! !

Well, actually it all turned out to be a 'love-oriented' trip ! First, I fell for that beautiful town, which ancient charm can just bewitch you. Then I fell for all the friends I met over there, these I already knew, and new ones as well. They gave me the best of welcomes and with all of them, I felt right at home. I owe them so many funny moments and such emotional ones as well. How could I possibly thank them for being such thoughtful, sharing, and caring people ? Thank you all, I love you, guys ! ! !

And finally, there was the concert. What could I say about it, everything was already said ! But I know that you don't mind to read more about each concert, so I take the plunge !

Sunday, 8 th October, in the morning : hanging around Picardy Place, I go to take a look at the 'Playhouse', just to check if they've advertised about the concert with some posters. They have. And not only have they advertised, but also I can read, written in big golden letter on the marquee these wonderful words : Michael Ball - 8 th October - Sold out  ! It could sound silly, but these two small words make me just so proud !

Finally the night arrives. Am I ready ? Tooth brushed, a touch of mascara, a touch of lipstick, my precious ticket, and of course the gorgeous tee shirt of the Tour on.. Yes, I am ready !

I join my friend at the Playhouse. Actually they had booked the ticket for me in November, and it is a second row, the best seat I've ever had so far, Bless them ! As there's no gap between the stage and the first row, you can imagine how close I am to the stage ! Though I try not to show up, I am getting over and over excited ! And suddenly here we are, the show begins. Follow two hours of pure happiness, I'm no longer on earth, but just floating on a small pink cloud ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Obviously Michael and Edinburgh quiver with one mind to night ! Fast, it's getting hot around there, and it's not only about the temperature ! ! !

As always, Michael charms us and takes us throughout the night to his own world of emotions, words, music and lights. The show, like it is right now, sounds just perfect. Michael's professionalism combined with his genuine pleasure to be there and have fun with his audience, can make you certain to spend a tremendously brilliant, fun, emotional and unforgettable night ! This one wasn't an exception. It was all that, and more !

All was already said about the songs, so I won't repeat the list, just know that Michael's performance was just fantastic. His voice was great, strong and powerful until the very ending note. I always wonder how his voice can be as beautiful after more than thirty songs as it is for the first one ! He really took my breath away this special night in Edinburgh, mostly when he dedicated the last song, 'You made me love you' to all of us coming from countries over the boarders. The song already was one of my favourites. Since this beautiful night, it just brings me near to tears..

Once more, Michael, you made me love you .

04/09/2004 14:32

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