Bine's Quicky Review

29th September 2000

BY Sabine Frenz
(Translated, 'cause of lack of time, by Kerstin Wohlgemuth)

In the afternoon I met Pam at the stage door who introduced me to a dozen of other people. He finally arrived, but had to get in immediately, at least we knew he was there. Our tickets just arrived at 19:40 (and I have been close to a nervous breakdown) and indeed I could get a ticket for Saturday evening as well and not in the upper circles, but in the stalls directly at the corridor, so that I could get to the front without any problems.

How shall I get started? Wow!!! It all started so great, because the entry with the "Thunder and Lightning" just went sooooooo wrong. As something with the curtains went wrong Michael had to crawl under it and therefore started to laugh hard during  "Let thevers run". What a beginning :-) And then everything happened so fast. I do not even know, if I got the songs right, I am sure the order is not quite right.

I had a terrific seat in row H, count yourself ( remark: I did, it is row eight :-); K. Wohlgemuth ) and it was directly and I mean directly in the middle, so that I was sitting straight opposite of him. With the small disadvantage, that the woman sitting in front of me was rather short,  what meant, he could have seen me very well all the time. It was obviously last year's Birmingham effect that hit me again and caused me not to take any photos during the first half ( First MB concert ever and totally taken aback, the same happened to me in Amsterdam; remark K. Wohlgemuth ).


Let the rivers run
Millennium (oh my god)
I don't want a lover
You're still the one
If tomorrow never comes (!)
You bring out the best in me (THAT is truly beautiful! Michael's comment on this: I'm certain someone will sing that and tunr it into a big hit!)
Musicals Medley:
LCE (without Money Note)
Last Night of the World
All I ask of you
Losing my mind (shiver)
End of Medley
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
I dreamed a dream (transition to the Money Note of LCE)


(Something Inside) So Strong
Walking in Memphis
Oh, What a circus
Love on the rocks
Why haven't I heard from you ( Question Bine: Was this the Sexy Song? Answer: No it was not. Our sexy song follows now! Read explanation on Kerstin's "This time ..." review )
Never coming back (haunting, I never thought he would ever write something like that!) This is the SEXY SONG!!!
Just When
Why do fools fall in love? (The band was just fabulous!)
No matter what
La vida Loca (The Sombreros; LOL)
Rock'n'Roll Medley:
Fat bottomed girls
Johnny be good
At the hop
Great Balls of fire
Rock'n'Roll music
Medley End
Help Yourself
Hot Stuff (that was HOT)
One step out of time
You made me love you (Priceless)

During the first part he wore a dark suit and a blue shirt. The tie lasted only shortly. He had a ventilating fan in standing in front of him, so that his jacket kept flying like Marylin Monroe's skirt, but it got removed in the second half, as he had to rub his eyes all the time.

Second Half: He wore a dark suit, white shirt and a sparkling tie (looked just gorgeous), but also this tie did not last long.

Encore: Black shirt and a leather jacket (it was a real leather jacket as a woman standing in the front row was allowed to do the sensing test :-)). According to Pam the missing songs have been "My heart will go on" and "Someone else's dream".

Bine wrote parts of this for me at an Internet cafe and I translated it. If it is not the best English, it is my fault! :-)) . I just had to share some bits with you and as she agreed that I could use it, I did. More of her will come later :-)). Thank you so much!!!

04/09/2004 14:32

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