Allyson Thom's Review 2000

Everything went black, the sounds of thunder and lightning and then the   lights and there on stage to the intro to Let the Rivers Run stood Michael,   looking great in a dark blue suit and blue shirt - no tie this time though.   The voice sounds a little husky the after effects of his sore throat.   Straight into Millennium, this song is just right, two new style country and   western were next, a great song done by Shania Twain You're still the one,   and then one by Garth Brooks If Tomorrow Never Comes then a beautifully done   rendition of the Boyzone song No Matter What. He also sang I Don't Want a   Lover but I can't remember where it came. Michael was a lot more relaxed   and chatty I can't remember what he said. Next came a medley of love songs   from some of Michael's favourite musicals - Aspects of Love, Miss Saigon,   Phantom and Les Mis. Some of the songs were Solo Saxophone, Love Changes   Everything, Empty Chairs and Empty Tables, I Dreamed a Dream. And so ends   the first part.
 Get ready - Michael's comes out in a dark suit, white shirt and dark   glittery tie, Wow does he look good, now it gets better, starting off with   Something Inside, My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, then came Walking in   Memphis - that was absolutely brilliant (I may have missed putting down a   couple of songs and I apologise for that I was trying to get them in the   right order) You Bring the Best Out of Me then Evita and Love on the Rocks.   His voice is much better and getting more powerful and silky as it goes it's   just like having the back of your neck kissed gently and the lovely shivers   that creates as you melt. This took him into (I think this was the one   written by Paul Carrick) Never Coming Back, this is really good and I think   it is on the new CD and Video, then Came Someone Else's Dream - the power   Michael puts into this song you know he's lived it and been through a lot of   pain, then the two others, he is so good and writing his own songs I hope   it continues. Next came a bit of a change - to much laughter from the   audience and Michael, who said that the band had been complaining (whinging   was the word used at Bristol) that Michael is always the one in the   spotlight - wiggling - and they never get a chance to 'pull' so they were   all up front (apart from the drummer who had to say where he was) and sang   Why do Fools Fall in Love - it was brilliant, although Michael was laughing   so much I don't know how he managed to sing. After this came Livin La Loca   Vita that was brilliant, I haven't heard it sung by Ricky Martin so I can't   compare, but Michael's version is great. After this came a medley of   dance/rock numbers and almost everyone was up bopping. You can imagine   what the tmosphere was like, his 'last' song was 'Help Yourself' - one of   these days the stage is going to be low enough so someone will, Michael is   still bouncing over the stage - he is going to be absolutely knackered, I   hope he managed a good nights sleep before tonight's concert. He left the   stage to thunderous applause and of course cries for more, we didn't stop   clapping until he came back, slight change from Bristol when Michael came   back on stage this time he was wearing grey trousers, a white shirt and a   black or dark blue frock coat in velvet, If I could melt anymore at the   sight of Michael I just did, I hope the photos turn out okay, words can't do   this justice and this is where I fail, I can't remember what he sang I can   see him sitting there singing - this is the effect he has had, his smile,   his voice his eyes - what else is there - This man is MAGIC a voice of pure   silk that takes your reason away and all there is - is you and Michael and   the magic. Roll on the RAH

04/09/2004 14:32

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