Bath Song List

1. Act

  1. Overture (Jellicle Ball)
  2. One Night Only (??) (duet)
  3. You're the one that I want Medley (duet)
  4. I get a kick out of you (duet)
  5. From a Distance (Elaine Paige)
  6. I'm looking for something in red (Elaine Paige)
  7. Cry me a river (Elaine Paige)
  8. This is the moment (Michael Ball)
  9. Hero (Michael Ball)
  10. Show must go on (Michael Ball)
  11. I know him so well (Elaine Paige)
  12. Anthem (Michael Ball)
  13. You and I (duet)

Act 2

  1. Sunset Boulevard Overture
  2. As if we never said goodbye (Elaine Paige)
  3. The Perfect Year (duet)
  4. Sunset Boulevard (Michael Ball)
  5. Oh what a circus (Michael Ball)
  6. High flying adored (Michael Ball)
  7. Don't cry for me Argentina (Elaine Paige)
  8. Empty Chairs, Empty Tables (Michael Ball)
  9. Prepare ye / Gethsemane Medley (standing ovation)
  10. ???? (Elaine Paige)
  11. Je ne regrette rien (Elaine Paige)
  12. ???? If you love me ??? (Elaine Paige)
  13. We've got tonight
  14. Love changes Everyything (Michael Ball)
  15. Memory (Michael Ball)
  16. The Prayer (duet)
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