"Bl****y Hell!"

Scarborough's tales already started in Edinburgh, rather the Scarborough ticket tale. We did not receive them in time, so had to phone ticketmaster to ask for duplicate tickets. So there we sat, trying to talk to a real person. After ages we got through and some minutes later got the information we could collect our tickets at the box office.

Though it was rather easy to find Scarborough, it was hard to find "The Futurist" (concert venue). Will we ever learn to print the surroundings maps of the venues? With a little help from Pat and with the sight of Michael's familiar equipment truck, we finally found it (before he arrived!).

Scarborough was lovely. The weather was amazing, sunshine it was warm-ish, the sea was beautiful and our main sight while we were waiting for him. Rather early the tour coach arrived, with no parking space available drove past with Michael waving at us. When the coach got back it parked on the opposite site of the street and Michael walked over to us all, looking, relaxed and happy. As we had friends with us and it might have been the last propper chance for a photo for a long time, we asked. He obliged and we got a "Hi Girls!" and a smile (which was very nice). Once we turned towards Pat, who was taking the picture, we saw to our amazement a circle of about ten people all aiming their cameras at us. It felt like a red carpet! Unfortunately Pat's camera played up and the pictures are blurry, so if anyone managed to get a nice shot of us, could (s)he please send it?

Ticket Nightmare continued afterwards. We got to the box office and they did not have tickets for us. The guy kept searching lists until he found our name. And when he finally got it, he thought it was someone else, for whatever reason (as we could read the name from where we were standing). Took us a while to convince him, but then we got a hand-written letter, that should grant us admittance. We went back to the girls, just checking the letter once more and to our horror it said row S (instead of E!). So back again to box office man and his endless checking of lists. Finally his young assistant pointed out that Ticketmaster put an S for Seat in front of each row. So finally we got our row E and all was well.

When he was in, our little group decided to get something to eat. This sounds like an easy plan, but it turned out to be almost impossible. Everyone was full or booked till a quarter to eight. Finally we found a lovely small place to sit in, so we would not starve .

Again we had to change in our car, which was quite an experience as a lot of desperate people were parking place hunting. Some even knocking at our windows, asking whether we'd be leaving soon.

After the shock of two enormous queues merely to enter the venue we took our time. Once we got to our seats we could not believe how small the stage looked. Half his sound and light equipment was off stage directly in the auditorium.

During Lucia's performance there were noticable sound difficulties and we feared for the worst, when even a single violin was almost to loud to bear from where we were sitting. Luckily the sound stayed on during Michael's performance, but we were half deaf, when we finally left the auditorium. ....

The atmosphere was strange at the beginning. Only some people got up from their seats, when Michael got on stage for the first song. Polite clapping in our corner and hardly anyone stood there. It got a bit better later on, mind you.

In this concert particularly many women seemed to have felt the urgent need for the loo and as Michael makes no break between Act one and Act two there was a constant coming and going around us. If you are ever in that position, let us give you the following advice:

Wait until he is mid-song! If you leave or return, while he is between songs you will provoke a naughty comment. Never forget, he can see you, when you pass the stage. So this one unlucky lady managed the escape while he was singing, but was caught on returning. He said something along the lines of “Please stay, you will enjoy the next bit, I promise. It's the best bit really…..” The poor lady looked at him, shocked and he laughed “Naaaaaah! Go have a pee, bless her!”

It was certainly one of the best bits of the show and we bet you are dying to know, if his unwillingly naughty comment from the concert before stayed….. (remember: “I bet you all want to play with my precious!”). It did, but with a slight modulation: “Do you want to play with my furry precious?” No comment! LOL…. Just picture him turning away, shoulders twitching with giggles…. We were in stitches

There was no catching him at the stage door. Michael is usually out quicker than anyone could get out of the auditorium. Quite understandably so as it would take him ages to get away.

It was fabulous to meet so many nice people again, especially Sue, whom we are still trying to convince to go and see a second concert (DO IT!).

After getting back to Pat in the middle of the night, we could not resist to have a look at the photos. And Linda certainly delivered one of the best soundtracks to après-concert-drooling we ever had. “Bl**** hell!” will surely remain a classic with us LOL.

Off to the last concert of trip no. 1 !


04/09/2004 14:32

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