"This was better than yesterday "

Unfortunately we did not make it to the balloon do at the castle. Due to rain, lack of time and orientation and umbrella. Why did it have to pour down today?

Anyways, we thought it was a great idea to go to the stage door some minutes later. Yeah brilliant. We were there at two and just minutes later a huge silver coach pulled into the street, stopping directly in front us, weyhey. All cameras were out, people excited, the doors open and out steps.... some crew member.... This was the crew coach, sigh..... Okay, great, they had a laugh and we had the waiting, aching feet, back, wet clothes, wet everything. And two more happy hours to go. Excitement, joy as the real tour coach finally pulled into the street. Again cameras were hectically set, eager smiles on tens of faces..... and then..... it drove past us. Yes we were thinking, how far away from the stage door do they intend to stop? But who would have thought he just drove on, turning right at the next street to disappear into rainy Nottingham.

Hopes Michael really had to arrive each moment were shattered though. It was almost five, when the coach finally, really arrived with Michael inside. Three hours waiting for 1 minute and 41 seconds of bliss in his presence. And the ultimate shock, when he told us "See you all in Sheffield tomorrow!" :-D EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK, GASPS... WHAT? WHERE? LOL just when Michael realised his mistake (He's going to be in Newcastle tomorrow) someone asked "What? You are doing Sheffield? I did not know!" He laughed and said "Yes, we do and we did not tell you!" What a tease. But then, in he was and we were finally "allowed" to dry our clothes in our comfy hotel room (which we will btw miss like crazy).

Then of course there was the fabulous concert. Now to be seen from Row B centre, wow. The audience sure was more enthusiastic than the night before. We even managed one standing ovation (for Christ sake, are they out of date or what?). The standing ovation was given for "This is the moment". You could tell though, that many people wanted to get on their feet after many songs, but somehow they did not dare. Let's see what the future and other audiences bring, we try our best.

Michael and Lucia both were far more communicative than during the first two shows. We have the daily Missy of course. She behaved immaculately and performed like an old pro. Michael again told us that he grew very attached to the rat, but Callum did not. Which would not be a problem, if Missy weren't travelling in the tour bus (we caught a glimpse of Missy's impressive luggage; i. e. wood chippings for the cage; when the tour bus was opened). Michael giggled and asked himself how he came up with the idea of travelling with a rat. Almost forgot to say, when he started to sing again, with Missy in his hands he got the giggles and we never reallly learned why, but he had to turn away from the audience, shoulders shaking with laughter before he sprang back and pretended nothing ever happened. The chemistry between him and Missy surely is wonderful.

We both can't remember if we already mentionned, but Michael dedicated "Bread of Heaven" to the Welsh Rugby Team and their victory on the 19th of March 2005. Brilliant, I doubt we will ever forget this date again. Thanks Michael for another VERY useful bit of knowledge ;-).

The song order stayed the same, so we might have reached the final format. Thank you so much for sticking to all the new songs :-).

He said he'd might want to record "Bridge over troubled water" and "You raise me up" sometime in the future.

Oh and we are back to the group flash. During the first two concerts so many highly annoying flashes went off that Michael has to be fed up. So after "As if we'd never said goodbye" he asks us to charge the cameras up and flash away for the photo moment and then put the flash cameras away. Which we have to say not everyone did, as soon afterwards the next flashes went off.

He reckoned what a really tough job "Ball over Broadway" is. They fly him to New York, put him in a nice hotel, make him go to the theatre every night and he has to talk to all the stars. Naturally he got a lot of pity from the audience for that one. ;-)

MIchael reckoned it was the best show of this tour so far and we can just agree with him. The reception was just wonderful and he loved every minute of it! It's easy to tell, because the more he likes it, the chattier he gets. What a show!

Off we are now, to Newcaste (not Sheffield ;-)).

04/09/2004 14:32

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