"I've fallen in love with a Rat!"

Goodness, moments after we shut down the computer we had millions of things we had forgotten to write in the first review. But never th ink we'd remember all that now, well we will have a try.

The lighting during the concert was and is perfect and very impressive. For example the light during "Empty Chairs", without the usual spot on Michael. It's very effective and perfectly matches the mood of the song.

Lucia is barefooted throughout the whole concert.

So, what happened since last time we spoke? The bunnies discovered their hotel swimming pool and made good use of it, weyhey. Hum on the negative side: On our desperate search for hotspots we got to the stage door just about two minutes too late :-(, which is so so so so sooooooooooooooooo frustrating, though he was not there for long, as he was having more rehearsals. Yes, the fear he might want to change the concert was unbearable. The show in Blackpool was briliant and we all feared he chucked the new material and put back in some old stuff. Luckily this fear proved unfounded.

Back to the beginning of the concert. We were sat in row A, something we did not really have so far..... Well once at the Liverpool Summer Pops, but on the far side of a very wide row. Okay, we had row A one other time, but that was Brighton on the last tour and somehow does not count as it was spoilt, when we had a long discussion with the security guard and missed most of the party time.

Take our word: Front row IS all it's cracked up to be. Having Michael only inches from your face makes you forget even what song he is just singing. Especially when his trousers are slightly unbuttoned.......

Uhm, yes, song, music.... it's all just about the music..... oh and voice....... and inner beauty.... .obiously....... (bunnies drifting up into Nirvana...... swooooooooooooooooooooooon)......

Anyway, where were we? The only changes he made concerned song order. He basically switched Love changes everything and This is the moment. PHEW! Thanks for that Michael! The audience response was fantastic. The only thing we were missing, were standing ovations, hopefully this will change.

So let's talk about Missy, the real star of the show (she thinks.....). Another point we forgot yesterday! Michael introduces his co-star from The Woman in white. Everyone who expects Maria Friedman to be called out of the wings is/was/will be thoroughly disappointed. Annie brings on no one else but cute, unique little West End star rat: MISSY!!!!! Michael was all over her (the rat, not Annie.....). Yes he performs the "I can get away with anything" routine with Missy. Apparantly, just as in Woman in White, Missy does not always do, what she is supposed to be. After all: She is the star and a diva! In Blackpool she behaved immaculately, tonight however.... she invented a new routine. Well let's say she improvised like all pros do. Instead of running between his outstretched hands she chose sitting just underneath his chin. Oh to be a rat (uhmmmm poor Michael, maybe better not ;-)). Sorry it's 1.40 in the morning ;-)..... Anyway, Missy was having fun and Michael was as well. He even exclaimed passionately: "I've fallen in love with a rat!" and he means it! Lucky rat!

We have to thank Michael for just one additional minor alteration. At the first concert his own song "What love is for" faded into "Love changes everything", leaving no room for applause. Thanks to the switch of songs this has changed.

As Cathy was in tonight, he dedicated the song to her, which was very sweet.

What we forgot to tell you about in the last review:

Or did we tell you, just how hilarious "Broadway Baby" was. Certainly one song to look out for, when you are still going. It's really hard to describe, though we know, it's even more unfair to say, you have to see it. Let's say: He acts like a desperate housewive .... oooops, wrong show.... desperate Broadway starlett.

"Can't take my eyes off of you" is becoming just another big highlight with the audience and keeps them going.

"Show must go on" was originally one of Freddie Mercury's last songs (if not the last) before he died. When it was recorded he was already severely ill. Michael stays true to the mood and nevertheless adds a whole new dimension to it and makes the song his own. It takes the place of Gethsemane and God give me strength during the previous tours.

That's it basically for today. Lucia was more self-confident and got a very enthusiastic reception. We hope it will stay like this, because she really deserves it.

Michael's reception was unbelievable. From the moment he entered the stage, till the very last wave before he disappeared. Now we just have to get the standing ovations going at the right songs. He deserves them so much, for example after "Woman in white" section and "Show must go on".

The stage door was very crowded and there was no chance getting close to the coach, but never mind. He got inside, stood in the behind the front window and danced a little for us, as he left. We might try to get that video clip online, if it will work. Keep your fingers crossed.

Once again, a brilliant night with brilliant people. We had the best of times, thanks to the people sitting around us and thanks to the again old and new friends we met at the stage door. Makes up for not really getting Michael at the stage door.

So here we go again. Off for another night with Michael Ball.... and friends.....

04/09/2004 14:32

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