Talk about timing....

Last time we spoke, we were still very confident we had loads of time to make it to Newcastle. We got a bit nervous though, when Pat texted us to say they just arrived at the stage door (at 3pm) and we were stil at Durham, half an hour away from Newcastle (well without traffic jams). But hey, he won't arrive before 4, so we should stil be able to catch him.

We found last tour's venue was okay. Actually we were there around a quarter to four, as we had to pass it. How much we wished than and half an hour later he'd been on that stage again. We snailed our way through Newcastle, having to stop every couple of yards for traffic jams and red lights. Our route planner just had three points left finally, so we thought we had to be very close, though we did not have any signs that told us anything about the City Hall (Mind you, we could have found the Metro Radio Arena again a million times). But then it happened, we took the wrong road off and ended circling or rather snailing again around Newcastle, not having the slightest clue where on earth we were going.

Time passed, desperation grew and we ended with fears like: we will miss the whole concert and never find our way out of Newcastle, we will die in this ****** car, we will certainly miss him go in. And then suddenly: A light at the end of the tunnel. We suddenly found our way back, weyhey. And we roughly knew we were close, so.....

Then there's us driving a street, looking into another and seeing a familiar tour truck and a huge group of people standing around. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOER, there was somebody, did he just go in? We had to drive on, try to turn, hope we would be able to turn anywhere (which was a problem before). 3 Minutes later, we pulled into the street to the horrible sight of a familiar silver coach pulling into the street from the other direction. YIKES. The rest went like this:

Julia: OH my god, it's him.
Kerstin: OH NO! Can't be..... OOOOOOOOOOER
Panic frustration and Kerstin pulling into the tiny car park, politely ignoring the "NO ENTRY" words on the ground and the signs at the side. Luckily there was no one whom we endangered, *cough cough cough* .... We know we have to check our priorities thoroughly.


LOL We must have been a sight as Julia obeyed, jumping out of the car, dashing across the street (actually Pat told her just now she did look out for traffic then, she does not remember).

so what happened to the other frustrated bunny? I was driving around the whole car park, no free spaces left and me still going in the wrong direction. Just when I went off, turning the car, someone left YAY. I pulled inside for the first time with our huge Mike Mondeo (okay it's a Ford Mondeo and I am slightly afraid of the size, when I get into parking spaces). I jumped off, grabbed my bag and ran to the coach, just to find Michael still very close to his coach door. WOW!!!!!!!! I had to be dreaming as the next thing I saw was Julia speaking to him. Then I ended up asking him to pose for a photo, which he replied to "You had been running!"..... "uhm yes I have." cough.

Michael stayed forever and many people got photos with him, got to talk briefly to him. It was a very relaxed and nice stage door! And even today we can't believe we finally made it to the stage door in time, in such brilliant time (after having to wait for 7 hours for two stage doors so far). You can imagine the high we kept and still keep being on. *float swoon float*

So lets get to the concert. We sat on the front row, on the right hand side this time. Unfortunately the stage was VERY high for a small theatre like that (come to think of it was very high for every kind of venue).

The concert was brilliant and it's really getting harder and harder to find the right words, because it seems to get better each night. The audience reception was very enthusiastic. Michael was chuffed and just having a ball from the first notes till the last wave.

Michael mentionned that Don Black had adapted the lyrics of "As if we'd never said goodbye" for a concert occasion.

The question for a group flash was there again. He actually mentionned that pictures taken with flash during a concert will be useless and crap anyway. And oh how right he is with this, believe or not! From the point where we were sitting more people were sticking to the "no flash rule" than in Nottingham.

We might have mentionned it already. When he spoke about getting the role of Count Fosco, he characterised him as being camp apart from the other things we mentionnedin the first review. So, when Michael started to sing and to act "You can get away with anything" he added between the lyrics "So you see what I mean by camp!"

Back to our daily Missy. Annie did not carry Missy in her hands this time, but in a transport box. Missy almost performed correctly. She just stopped once to have a cuddle at his neck (which is understandable). Oh, the chemistry among both of them, the kisses, the cuddles........

Michael made us sing along to "Bread of Heaven" though we were in Newcastle, we could still sing it.

Once more the concert ended far too soon and another brilliant night was over. We were hardly standing at the stage door, when Michael got out with wet hair, looking yummy and thanking us ever so much for being a brilliant audience. He tried to get into the coach, which took some time as so many people around the door made it hard to open it.

After a horrible start, it ended up being just a fabulous fabulous day. Thank you so much again Michael. CU soon


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