"I feel sorry for these poor sods!"

No driving stories to tell this time. We got to Glasgow in time, check-in went smoothly and the hotel is directly attached to the venue, so this time it was all very relaxed.

We arrived at the stage door, when his coach went off to pick Michael up at his hotel. So no long waiting time, which was good, as the stage door reminded us a lot to the windtunnel (i. e. the Palace stage door), but at least it was not raining this time. Some thirty minutes later a familiar sight of a silver coach approaching the crowd.

And there he was smiling, relaxed, looking really yummy and taking his time (9 minutes and 51 seconds to be precise). You did not even have to make an effort to get close enough to speak to him. He still remembered that we were the ones running the JustBall-website and gave us a thumbs up, which was cute. More and more people kept asking about the kilt and would he wear it? "No!" he shouted, "I wish I never started this!" But being Michael, he did all he could to keep his fans happy. So he reminded us "Just think about what I'm wearing while I'm behind the stage singing 'Music'..... Nothing at all!" So that got him a cheer and we all felt warm and fuzzy. Admittedly this thought has occured to us in the very first night, already, but it was still nice to get it confirmed.

Back to the concert (by the way, can anyone tell us, who won "Strictly Dance Fever" *Name*?!?!. We saw the finale, but of course the results were announced when we were in the middle of part one of the concert.....).

However, yes the concert.......

He was even more chatty than usual, which probably meant, that he liked it quite a lot. Missy nearly cracked him up again after his line "I can get away with anything" he added "I hope". When Missy was offstage again he asked us to imagine how they must look in the tour coach and when checking in into the hotel. The receptionist going "Anything to check-in Mr. Ball?" And he goes "Yes a rat!" Reminds him a lot of "Fawlty Towers". How we laughed. Yet again he mentionned he adopted Missy.

Some things that were new, or we did not see it before: While singing "Bread of Heaven" we had the Welsh Flag projected on the curtains and we both can't remember really, which song it was (thinking it might have been "What love is for", but not sure), but at one point they had his hearts logo projected onto the curtains.

Like last tour the venue insisted on ushers being positionned in front of the stage. And as we got closer to the party bit, Michael looked down and remarked "I feel sorry for these poor sods!" and got the giggles (actually in the middle of singing "Can't take my eyes off of you"). After "Bread of heaven" the ushers suddenly started to ask people with "big lenses" to put their cameras away (which is a bit silly after you were able to take photos of 80 % of the concert, but there you go). We obliged, after all it's not worth the hassle, as we know.

When the inevitable party bit started hell broke loose, as usual. Just this time we had some very poor ushers placed in front of the stage, squashed between those determined women. It was quite hysterical to watch their fruitless attempts to call them to reason, but to no avail. For the rest of the concert they tried to block the aisles, which looked a bit ridiculous seeing there were about 100 to 200 women in front of the stage, dancing.... and maybe 20 in the aisles forbidden to join the others. We stayed happily in our row, we had a good view of the whole spectacle.

So that's it roughly. We went to the stage door, but by the time we got there, Michael had already left. Never mind, we had our chat at the afternoon stage door and were happy :-D.

See you all in Edinburgh:-D YAY


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