"Bet you all want to play with my precious "

Oh, what a night we had. We completely agree with Michael. This one was the best yet. But before we get into the concert details, let's start at the beginning:

The Stage Door:

Luckily the rain had stopped before we even got there. It's a very narrow lane, so we wondered how on earth the coach would fit in there. The answer is: It would not at all. At least they did not even try. So the coach passed the street, not stopping... hum...... What happened then must have been quite a sight, because everyone kept wondering from where Michael would appear. Sixty heads turning into different directions, staring intently. Would he come down the narrow street from the left or rather approach us from a gap between buildings on the right side?

A very familiar laugh suddenly disturbed our eager gazing to all (well .... as you see only three sides). There he was, already in the stage door, behind us all. I am sure he just laughed with us .... We had some short glorious minutes with him, four and a half actually, before he went in again for the sound check.

This stage door had not been so special due to Michael though (sorry Michael!), but rather to the people we met there. We had a fantastic time. We met some old friends (while other old friends preferred spending their day shopping ... tut tut tut) and some lovely new ones as well (greetings to Audrey from Aberdeen, who did not only love the website, but also bravely gave us her address, should we ever be in the region).

The Concert:

Now we got one problem, there are just no words that can describe last nights show. The audience response was fantastic ... and you know Michael. He gets better and better the more positive feedback he gets. We nearly fell off our chairs laughing at times and he sometimes needed two attempts to finish a song because he got a fit of giggles.

The best moment surely was in "You can get away with anything". You know how he is introducing Missy as "his Precious". Well that night he did not only say "Look at my precious!". He said "I bet you all want to play with my precious!" being all Count Fosco.... The place erupted with cheers of "Yes, please!" and he almost collapsed laughing as did we. LOL, sorry, just remembering that moment gets us giggling uncontrollably in our hotel room. He had to turn away twice from the audience to get a grip!

This night he was not only joined by Missy. He had one more special guest on stage...................

Count Fosco himself. Or should we rather say a lifesize card-board cutting of Count Fosco. See, he apparantly thought it makes more of an impression of who this Count Fosco is, than a mere description. He turned to Callum and said this tour is getting more and more weird. First travelling with a rat and now with a lifesize picture of himself in camp clothes and pose. He also begged the follow spot to remain with him instead of Count Fosco, as he (Michael) is more attractive.

He had several standing ovations that night, which led him to give even more than his usual 150 %. For us this night was extra special, because we were sitting in the front row, practically on his lap.

After "Bread of Heaven" Michael admitted that he had lied the night before in Glasgow, when he told them they were better than the audience in Newcastle. This time though we definitely were.

You could tell he was overcome with emotion, when he introduced his final song. Far too soon he thanked the "Lovely Louise, Dynamic Dean and the Amazing Annie" and left the building (virtually, there was no catching him. He is out too quick).

Not only for personal reasons this must have been one of the best shows we had seen and for sure it was the best concert of this tour. To round a perfect evening off we had a lovely time partying afterwards with our favourite girl gang.

Off to explore beautiful Edinburgh now. See you in Scarborough.

04/09/2004 14:32

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