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JustBall.Net is a website done by fans for fans. It all was started in 2000, purely as a means of appreciation for Mr. Michael Ball. As the years went by, this site grew and became kind of a full-time job (apart from our real full-time jobs ;-)). We hope you love browsing the website just as we love doing it. However, we would like to extend our offers and therefore we need your help.

How can you support us?

Well, actually there are several ways: We always need photos, reviews, your Michael stories. Come on, you can do it! Unfortunately we cannott be everywhere and write reports, so be brave and help us. Actually, if you have old lovely reviews, photos etc. from past performances, send them in! We love reading such stuff! Just: Write us a mail!

What else could you do?

As sad as it is: with such a huge website there is one more important aspect and that's: Money! The site is financed solely by ourselves and that gets harder and harder as the webspace as well as all the running costs for hardware and necessary software increase. So, if you have a pound, Dollar or Euro, we'd appreciate ANY donation.

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