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This page shows all upcoming events related to Michael. Here you can see on one glance what is still to come and where you might get tickets or more information.

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On Stage

Open Air Concert

15/07/06 Open Air with Elaine Paige at The Rec in Bath
20/07/06 Open Air concert at Oakley Hall at Basingstoke
28/07/06 Open Air at the Southport Summer Classics

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In the Papers




05/13/2006 16:49

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Latest Updates
New Ball & Boe Album: Together In Vegas

Release Date: 28 October 2022

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The Empire - Michael's first fiction book

Michael's first novel

Release: 13 October 2022

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Book Talks:

11 October - Bradford I 17 October - London

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Solo Album: We Are More Than One

Release Date New Album: 7 May 2021

UK #2 album

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On DVD: Ball & Boe Back Together @ the O2

Release Date: 16 November 2020

UK #1 DVD (music DVDs, #2 overall)

Order your DVD here!

Weekly Radio Show

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