My five days in Salt Lake City

~ Review by Chris ~

Hi All

Got home a while ago and I am tired but cannot sleep. I had to share some of what happened these past few days

It all started Thursday morning as a small group of us met Michael outside the TV station. We were on the sidewalk just outside the door to the studio when he came out and greeted us with a beautiful smile and “Hello My Lovelies.” We all got hugs and that beautiful smile and photos that I am sure some of the other fans who were there will post. He was so gracious and chatty and wonderful. I had brought a USA baseball cap and I asked if he would put it on and he said “of course.” AHHH!! Then he had to adjust the back and he put it on and we asked for a group photo which he said yes to and I am sure those photos will be coming.

We asked him if he was going to be at the rehearsal with the MTC and he said yes and we went over to the Tabernacle about 6:00 PM. I’m not sure what time they usually open the doors, maybe 8:00 PM but they opened them earlier because Michael was rehearsing and quite a few of us were there. They had some problems with the microphones and Michael was using quite a bit of humor to take the edge off. It was like watching him on an interview on TV but it was live LOL He was amazing. It took a bit of time to get things straight with the mics and he finally asked for a “hand held one.” At one point he said to the conductor, “how many millions will be watching on Sunday? LOL He did get to sing “Amazing Grace” with the choir and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. He was singing with 300 voices and he literally blew everyone out of the Tabernacle.

Friday was the key to the city ceremony and while me and some of Michael’s fans were over at the Mayor’s office as we were told it was happening there at 12:00 noon, Michael was at the luncheon receiving the key. I am told by everyone I talked to that it was a surprise to all in attendance. Needless to say I was quite disappointed having missed Michael and the ceremony but the good news was after we left the Mayor’s office we went over to the stage door and caught Michael coming in. I posted the photo of him coming across the road to us with his arms “stretched” open to greet us in another topic. He stopped in front of us with that “huge” smile and asked us to forgive him for rushing in but he had “so much work to do.” And off he went.

I met up with some of the girls at the luncheon and some who did not make the rehearsal Thursday and did not know where the stage door was so I played “tour guide.” Not bad for a newbie, huh?? LOL

We got to the stage door about 3:30 and we were told that there was a dress rehearsal that was supposed to run from 1:00 to 4:00. Some of us hung out hoping to catch Michael and the crowed dwindled. I stayed with several others and at about 5:00 PM Michael came out and we waved to him. He got in the car with Bill and Scott and drove by us. He stopped, said hello, signed a few things for me and Teddy from CA got a photo of him. I have her e-mail address and will ask her to send it to me. I will post it as soon as I get it as Teddy said I could YEAH!!

Then off to my very first Michael Ball concert. I was in the fourth row on the right looking at the stage. Every time Michael came to that side of the stage I instinctively leaned forward LOL I guess I was trying to get as close as I could to him LOL

He was amazing!! All of these songs I have heard him sing, and here he was singing them live. The first half of the show was very similar to the song list from the Australia concerts except for “Any Dream Will Do” from Joseph. I don’t believe Michael has ever sung it in concert and it was fantastic!! There was a death in the Osmond family and Michael dedicated the song to Donny which I thought was so wonderful of him and I was so touched, it brought me to tears.

He also did “Prepare Ye The Way of The Lord” and followed it with “Vaults of Heaven.” I can’t believe I got to see that one live!!

He opened the second part of the show with “Oh What A Circus” and then “This Is The Moment” which was too incredible for words!! He also had on a grey suit, white shirt and a “spangly” tie. YIKES!!

I not sure about the next group of songs but he did do “The Blues Brothers” medley from the RAH concert I have on DVD. I have danced that “medley” about 100 times around my bedroom and there Michael was doing it live right in front of me. We were all sitting in our seats, doing the “swim” “quack” “bird” “loop de loop” and all the rest. When he and Callum put those sunglasses on and “danced their dance” the crowd went crazy!!

After Michael sang “Love Changes Everything” everyone was on their feet and I had to look over my shoulder to see “what Michael saw.” Everyone in the hall was on their feet. I don’t believe it was sold out but it was almost there!!

We waited at the stage door afterwards and Michael came out in the car and had the window down and Scott was riding “shot gun” for crowd control LOL I think Michael shook everyone’s hand as he went by.

Saturday was the CD signing. It was electric in Borders. The crowd was huge and the excitement level through the roof. My number was in the early teens and I brought David’s mega medley on CD for Michael and told him that it was on David’s show last Sunday. He said, “oh really. I’ll have to have a listen.” He signed my program and my “This Is The Moment” tee shirt, while it was on me, mind you LOL and Angela, who is a love, took about six photos of me and Michael while I was standing in front of him. THANK YOU ANGELA They are so very special to me.

Michael saw everyone on the VIP line. After that we went to the stage door but realized after 3 hours that he must have gone to have something to eat and rest and he did not show up until 6:00 PM I hung in there LOL Got another photo with him thanks to Chris in Seattle and Bev. Several other fans were there but I apologize because I cannot remember their names.

I literally “ran” to the Grand America to get changed and back to the Hall for the concert, which was the most fun I have ever had in my life. And Michael too, I think

You could have lit up the entire city of SLC with the electricity coming from that stage.

When he sang, “Don’t Rain On My Parade” at the part where he sings, “Hey Everybody, here I am” he sang “HEY SALT LAKE CITY HERE I AM” and the crowd went crazy.

He also did Bread of Heaven and had a “sing along” and we all had a blast with that.

In the balcony on the left side of the stage looking at the stage in the upper tier some of the fans made a banner that said “YOU MADE US LOVE YOU.” He got the biggest kick out of that.

He literally blew the roof off the Abravanel Hall Saturday night and said “I told you I would come.”

After the concert there was a huge crowd outside the stage door. He came out, got into the car, came out the sun roof and was waving to the crowd and shaking everyone’s hands. A huge group of us followed him out to the main road where he stayed standing up through the sun roof waving. It was incredible for me to be a part of it.

Then came the disappointment of Sunday morning. We got to the Tabernacle at 7:00 AM and I don’t know what time it was when as we were all standing in line Michael came out of the Tabernacle. He said he could not sing and he had lost his voice. I can only imagine the huge disappointment it was for him, and my heart was breaking for him and us

He did ask that we stay and listen to the choir sing and many stayed and listened and it was beautiful. They did make an announcement that Michael was not able to sing and they invited him back. Guess I am going back to SLC LOL

A huge thank you to Michael for coming to America to make my dream come true, and my husband for supporting me and letting me have 5 days with Michael and all of the fans I have been corresponding with for almost a year.

I know this is very long but I wanted to share my first ever “Michael experience” with all of you and hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next one

Hopefully word will spread like wildfire here in the USA and Michael will come back!!

Chris xo



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