So The Story Goes (Mick Wilson)
~ A JustBall.Net Review ~

Many of you will remember Mick Wilson from Michael's tours. We always thought his and Michael's voices sounded superb together. We were actually quite sad when he stopped appearing with Michael.

Which is why we are all the more delighted to have been contacted by him a little while ago with the question whether we would be interested in helping to promote his solo album!

The Look

So, here it is lying on my desk now: the album, brand new and even before the release date. First impressions count. The cover looks great and creates a thoughtful urban mood. (Is there such a thing as an urban mood? Well, it's what I thought when I saw it. So there must be such a thing.) The booklet looks great and contains not only more photos but all the song lyrics! That's a rarity these days.

When looking at the dedication (is what I always do with every album) I see that all songs have been written by Mick himself. Impressive! This is an entire album of originals.

The Songs

The album kicks off with the lively Take Me Dancing . It has a bit of a country feel and I could not sit still listening. Good start!

Never Ending Summer is indeed a good tune for a summer song. Feel-good stuff. I see the sun shining outside and it's the appropriate soundtrack (even though it's only spring, I know, I know).

Every Time We Touch is a sweet love song and somehow I love the chorus here. The backing is beautiful.

It Ain't Braggin' If It's True – Love the title! Uptempo number that made me smile. “If you got it, you gotta flaunt it baby”….

So The Story Goes – the title song. It talks of change, of starting again, of finding a new direction in your life.

What She Wants (Is What She Gets) – another uptempo song. It describes an intriguing woman I would surely like to meet. “[…..] What she gets if what she needs, And all she needs is everything”

Don't Tell Me It's Over – This song is all about a (one-sided) break up but there is still hope… or stubbornness. I really liked what the guitar did here.

Constant Companion – Cheery and interesting bridge. I really loved the vocal arrangements here.

Thinking About You – my favourite I think. Love the melody, love the quiet honesty and the lyrics. A dignified goodbye.

I Don't Miss It At All – You actually hear an audience here and I think this would be the perfect song to start a concert with. Lots of energy!

Save Me – I love a bit of good old acoustic guitar and not much else. A simple (as in not pretentious) and beautiful song.

All and all this is a great album, showing a wide range of songs sung and written incredibly well. It will get played a lot here. Go buy it everyone!


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