Michael in Maryland

by Becky Ford

I never thought that I would actually be able to meet Michael Ball in the U.S. or at 14. But then again my mother always told me to never say never. It would be an under statement if I said I had the best time. I did, but to describe what was going on in my head is just so confusing because everything was just like a dream. 

I was lucky enough to get in contact with the coordinator of this event and e-mailed her with a desperate plea to be able to just see him. It seems as though I am too young to answer phones and there were plenty fans all ready signed up. But fortunantely for me Marie invited me into the studio's to just hang out with everybody, which I didn't mind just as long as I got to see him.
We (my parents and I) arrived a little before 8 and met Marie in the lobby. She gave me a photo for him to sign, a magnet, and two buttons to have as keepsakes for the night. In the Visitors Room were other Michael Ball fans as friendly and very excited on why they were here tonight. I got to talk to a few, and I loved talking to them because they never got tired of talking about Michael Ball.

A little after nine, we were led into the production studio because airing was about to begin. Everyone took their seats and a few people, including myself, Marie, and my parents, stood behind the camera's and talked. You could see that everyone was just waiting for him to come through the doorway. And then he walked in.

People started to cheer and such, while I stood there with my mouth opening still not believing that it was him. But it was, he looked the same as he does in pictures, and is still very cute. He was wearing black paints and jacket with a blue shirt. He said a few words to everyone, then after about ten minutes he walked back out to get something.

In the Visitors room everyone signed a card for Michael to put with a box of roses. They were going to let Marie give it to him since she had done such a wonderful job putting all the stuff for the evening together. But being the incredibly generous woman that she is told me to give him the flowers when he came back in. She had already apparantly met him earlier and got a kiss from him and was excited enough. So she handed me the box and I went and stood a few feet from the doorway. 

Michael came back in and Marie went over to him and told him I had something for him from everyone. He walked over to me took the box, put his arm around me, and then kissed me. He said a bunch of stuff to me, but the truth is I can barely remember what he said. The only thing I remember is he said "Please, I can't have you crying". I got a few pictures with him and then Marie joined in

 He started to walk away, still saying stuff, but walked back and gave me another hug and said that I shouldn't be nervous and how sweet I was.
The next minutes he talked on the television, talked to the other fans, and just made people happy. Then everyone got together for a group shot, and again I was right under his arm. That was finished, they did some more broadcasting, and other things, and I just watched him. I was amazed at how he was so sweet to everyone and kind, and he never turned them away. On a break he signed autographs, took pictures, and everyone got a polaroid with him on a sofa. 

I talked to the producer on how I discovered him and why I liked him so much. She called him over to say I might be one of his youngest fans. He then said, "Well, she certainly is one of the priettiest". The next minutes flew by, he continued to take pictures and talk on the air, and finally he had to go. He said goodnight and walked out. 

I believe that I did have the best night of my life and that I had picked the best man for a role model. I am so gracious for everything that everyone did, Marie for getting me into the studio, and Michael Ball for being so kind to me. Everyone there was very nice and made me feel right at home. I hope that all goes well and he is able to come back and to The U.S

04/09/2004 14:32

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