The Things we do for Love

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Editors: John and Frankie McGowan

This book was compiled by John and Frankie McGowan to raise money for their charity "ROC - Research into Ovarian Cancer".

Funny, sad, witty, moving, painful, crazy, glorious, true stories

Love blossomed for Richard Branson when his boat sank
It took a tragedy for Alan Bleasdale to understand the true nature of love.
A starving child taught Cliff Richard what love can do...
And Neil Kinnock's first taste of passion left him stinging hand and a temporary aversion towards pretty girls ...
The rich, the brilliant, the famous and the funny tell us in this enchanting anthology, of how love changed everything for them.
There is the unconditional love of a mother for her sons, the frenzy of first passion, and the unspoken love of a brother for a sister.
From the struggle to discover the meaning of love, to the awesome depth of feeling that comes from the birth of a child ...
This is a heart-warming, uplifting and extraordinary testament to the most glorious of all human emotions.

Acknowledgements by Frankie McGowan, 1993

"Putting this book together has been hard work, lots of fun but undoubtedly it owes much to the input of other people. John and I are truly indebted to all of them for their time, help and support. So, without whom....

Wo each and every one of the contributors to this book, writers, cartoonists and celebrities who understood the message, whoeheartedly supported ROC, and gave so willingly, generously and brilliantly of their time, a long, heartfelt thank you from both of us.

A special thank you to John Blkae for his enthusiasm and terrific support all along the way and for the same reason cheers and thanks in abundance to Cathy, Rosie, Ries, NIck Smurthwaite, Gray Jolliffe, Siobahn Allders and Penney Folerd-Hobbs.

Love and thanks to all of you, and especially to you for buying this book.



The book features the following stories: (The red marked only appear in this edition!)

    1. Foreword by John McGowan
    2. The Duchess of York
    3. Richard Branson
    4. Tim Satchell
    5. Jeffrey Archer
    6. Philip Schofield
    7. Cliff Richard
    8. Alan Plater
    9. Richard Eyre
    10. Niamh Cusack
    11. Jane Hardy
    12. Mel Calman
    13. Bruce Oldfield
    14. Philip Hodson
    15. Yvonne Roberts
    16. Marjorie Proops
    17. Gary Lineker
    18. Joss Ackland
    19. Bryan Forbes
    20. Bernard Cookson
    21. Jo Foley
    22. Neil Kinnock
    23. Keith Waterhouse
    24. Penny Vincenzi
    25. Timothy Spall
    26. Paul McCartney
    27. Sir Ian McKellen
    28. Wendy Perriam
    29. Freddie Cook
    30. Rick Holmes
    31. Rolf Harris
    32. Barry Porter
    33. Jane Reed
    34. George Baker
    35. Heidi Kingstone
    36. Naim Attallah
    37. Pushpa Sellers
    38. George Melly
    39. Richard Barber
    40. David Hamilton
    41. Bob Payton
    42. Angela Neustatter
    43. Erin Pizzey
    44. Paddy Ashdown
    45. Colin Dunne
    46. Jeanette Kupfermann
    47. Victor Oliver
    48. Richard E. Grant
    49. Suzanne Ashkam
    50. Bruce Forsyth
    51. Trudi Pactor
    52. Mike Molloy
    53. Ivan Fallon
    54. Anne de Courcy
    55. Ben Kingsley
    56. Benny Green
    57. Frank Delaney
    58. Paul Nicholas
    59. Marcelle d'Argy Smith
    60. Maggie Goodman
    61. Andy Ripley
    62. Jan Etherington
    63. Julia Langdon
    64. Alan Bleasdale

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