Actually, it's Love

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Editors: John and Frankie McGowan

This book was compiled by John and Frankie McGowan to raise money for their charity "ROC - Research into Ovarian Cancer".

  • Why did Alan Titchmarsh nearly drown?
  • Why did Richard Branson sink his houseboat?
  • Why did Rolf Harris drive his musicians around the bend with his carving skills?

For love, actually!

It comes in all forms, all shapes and sizes, from the unconditional love of a parent to a chid, to the passionate, all-embracing love felt for a partner, to the unspoken love that man sometimes shows to fellow man through a thoughtful, selfless act of kindness.

The rich, the famous and the funny have joined together to create this unique treasury of tales about the things they have done for love.

Whether it be reciting Shakespearean sonnets, hitch-hiking down the M1, or nearly drowining on a motorbike in the rain, these hilarious and heart-warming stories of your favourite celebrities will have you laughing, crying and even cringing - but definitely dying to read the next one!

This is an uplifting and extraordinary testament to the most glorious of human emotions.

"Romantic love is pretty wonderful, no question. And it can certainly turn your life upside down. But it isn't the only kind of love in the world that hits hard. There's another kind: the one that takes your life by the scruff of the neck, demolishes rational thinking and casts aside any sensible person's grip on reality. for me it's what I do for a living. From the moment when, aged ten, I was taken to see Jesus Christ Superstar, the die was cast."

excerpt from Michael Ball "Then there was the time"

The book features the following stories: (The red marked only appear in this edition!)

    1. Foreword by John McGowan
    2. Michael Ball: Then there was the time
    3. Ulrika Jonsson: The truth about love
    4. Sir Ian McKellen: Love's labours won
    5. Lynda Lee-Potter: A memorable Walk
    6. Jan Etherington: Teenage Crushes
    7. Gary Lineker: Weather Report
    8. Alan Plater: The Play's the Thing
    9. Clare Balding: For the Love of Frank
    10. Colin Dunne: A short History of Dickie Bones
    11. Phillip Schofield: Shakespeare in Love
    12. Derek Malcolm: The Passion of Malcolm
    13. The Duchess of York: Friends for Life
    14. Dalip Tahil: A different Mountain
    15. Glenda Jackson: Management Material
    16. Frank Delaney: Family Matters
    17. Melanie Cantor: Love in the Balance
    18. Anthony Andrews: Why I love Malcolm McDowell
    19. Sir Richard Branson: That sinking Feeling
    20. Bryan Forbes: A passionate Journey
    21. Julia Carling: Big on Love
    22. Philip Hodson: Mystery of Love
    23. Niamh Cusack: The Language of Love
    24. Bernard Cookson: Bear Truths
    25. George Melly: All that Jazz
    26. Yvonne Roberts: Burma Bound
    27. Bruce Oldfield: Missing the Bus
    28. Jo Foley: Journey's End
    29. Sir Cliff Richard: A loving Appeal
    30. Neil Kinnock: Crossing the Line
    31. Anne de Courcy: The Proposal File
    32. David Hamilton: Holiday Romancing
    33. Wendy Perriam: Just William
    34. George Baker: This thing called Love
    35. Julia Langdon: Politically correct
    36. Joss Ackland: A fishy Tale
    37. Keith Waterhouse: Head-on Collisions
    38. Maggie Goodman: All at Sea
    39. Paddy Ashdown: A military Sin
    40. Paul Nicholas: Stuck on you
    41. Penny Vincenzi: Tracking down Love
    42. Sir Richard Eyre: In the Dark
    43. Jane Lapotaire: Tough Love
    44. Ivan Fallon: Brother Love
    45. Rolf Harris: Jaded
    46. Richard E. Grant: Waiting
    47. Timothy Spall: Drowned (almost) by Love
    48. Sir Ben Kingsley: (Very) Brief Encounter
    49. Bruce Forsyth: The Food of Love
    50. Jane Reed: Aunty Betty's Brother
    51. Angela Neustatter: Sons and Mothers
    52. Carole Stone: My Mother said
    53. Fern Britton: Tea in Bed
    54. Richard Barber: Celebrity Love
    55. Alan Titchmarsh: Going for Gold
    56. Rosemary Conley: A special Friend
    57. Lowri Turner: A Labour of Love
    58. Kacey Ainsworth: Cold Feet
    59. Julie Burchill: Sayonara, Baby
    60. John Bird: The Love Issue
    61. Alan Bleasdale: God and Monica Haygarth

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