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  1. We said we wouldn't look back
  2. Cats overture
  3. Food Glorious Food - Workhouse Children
  4. Wouldn't it be lovely? - Liz Robertson, Gillian Lynne and Company
  5. Quit Professor Higgins - Company
  6. The Rain in Spain - Jonathan Pryce, Liz Robertson, Donald Sinden
  7. Get me to the Church in Time - Peter Bayliss and Company
  8. I've grown Accustomed to her face - Jonathan Pryce and Liz Robertson
  9. Introduction - Julie Andrews
  10. One Two Three - John Barrowman
  11. Little Shop of Horrors - Wendy Mae Brown, Dawn Hope, Femi Taylor
  12. Somwhere that's Green - Ellen Greene
  13. Suddenly Seymour - Ellen Greene, Teddy Kemper
  14. Day by day - Company
  15. I get a kick out of you - Marion Montgomery, Laurie Holloway
  16. Variations - Julian Lloyd Webber and Company
  17. Unexpected Song - Bernadette Peters
  18. Nicer in NIce - Jasna Ivir and Company
  19. I love a Lassie - Jimmy Logan and the Scottish Power Pipe Band
  20. Five guys named Moe - Kevyn Brackett, Trent Kendall
  21. Is you is or is you Ain't my Baby? - Monroe Kent III, Jason Pennycooke, Clarke Peters and Richard D Sharp
  22. Pick a pocket - Russ Abbott, Oliver, Dodger and Gang
  23. As long as he needs me - Sonia Swaby
  24. I'm Martin Guerre - David Campbell
  25. How many tears - Maria Friedman
  26. The heat is on in Saigon - David Campbell, Lea Salonga and Company
  27. The Wedding - Female Company
  28. Last NIght of the World - David Campbell and Lea Salonga
  29. This is the Hour - Company
  30. American Dream - Jonathan Pryce and Company
  31. The Phantom of the Opera - Lisa Vroman and Colm Wilkinson
  32. Music of the Night - Colm Wilkinson
  33. The Angel - Michael Ball, Lisa Vroman, Colm Wilkinson

Act 2:

  1. Broadway Baby - Maria Friedman, Julia McKenzie, Bernadette Peters, The Broadway Babies
  2. Oh, what a beautiful morning - Hugh Jackman
  3. Carousel Waltz / Ballet - Vadim Bondar, Dana Stackpole and Company
  4. Porch Scene / If I loved you - Hal Fowler, Joanna Riding, Dana Stackpole and Barbara King
  5. You'll never walk alone - Joanna Riding and Company
  6. Introduction - Ned Sherim
  7. Side by Side - David Kernan, Millicent Martin, Julia McKenzie, Ned Sherrin, Stephen Sondheim
  8. You could drive a person crazy - Maria Freidman, Ruthie Henshall, Millicent Martin, Lea Salonga
  9. Send in the Clowns - Judi Dench
  10. Losing my mind - Michael Ball
  11. Being alive - Bernadette Peters
  12. You've gotta have a gimmick - Ruthie Henshall, Julia McKenzie, Bernadette Peters, Michael Ball, Judi Dench, Maria Friedman, David Kernan, Millicent Martin, Lea Salonga
  13. Introduction - Stephen Sondheim
  14. Duelling Pinaos - Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim
  15. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park - Tom Lehrer
  16. Cats overture - Company
  17. Jellicle Songs - Brian Blessed, Paul NIcholas and Company
  18. Memory - Elaine Paige
  19. At the End of the Day - Company
  20. I dreamed a dream - Ruthie Henshall
  21. Stars - Philip Quast
  22. Do you hear the people sing? - Hal Fowler and Company
  23. On my own - Lea Salonga
  24. Bring him home - Colm Wilkinson
  25. One day more - Michael Ball, Hal Fowler, Ruthie Henshall, Tammi Jacobs, Teddy Kempner, Philip Quast, Lea Salonga, Colm Wilkinson, Marie Zamora and Company
  26. Old Friends - Company

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