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  1. Music (Intro)
  2. The Show Must Go On
  3. Fields Of Gold
  4. You Raise Me Up
  5. Everlasting Love
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  7. And I Love You So
  8. Desperado
  9. Life On Mars
  10. I Am Loved
  11. Sometimes When We Touch
  12. Music (Full Length Version)

Album dedication :

It has been such fun selecting, refining and recording this selection of what are in my opinion some of the finest examples of contemporary music and song. ( I hastily exclude my own collaborative effort from this group but I did want to include something new to the selction. I hope you will forgive my self-indulgence.)

It has been one of the easiest and most enjoyable experiences I have had in the studio and I have to thank, in no particular order, Nick, James, Pete, all the musicians, singers, arrangers and writers, Brian Y, Brian B, Simon and the Universal TV gang, Jackie and Jen at Decca, Jackie, Ivan, Norman, Simon, Callum, Judy and anyone else who I may have, in the rush to get everything done, inadvertantly forgotten to mention.

My love goes to Cathy for once again being by my side through it all. I never forget how lucky I am.

And to all the fans, some of whom will, I hope, be pleased to hear some of their suggestions appear on this album. You are the best.

With my love


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