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Throughout Michael's recent UK Tour we talked to so many of you and it was great to get all this instant feedback!
During these conversations we kept being asked the same questions so we thought maybe a page like this might be useful, as some of you seemed interested in how it all began:

  1. Where are you two from?

    Bunny Kerstin lives in Dülmen which is in Western Germany, near Münster and Cologne. Bunny Julia lives in a suburb of Berlin. So we live about 4 hours of travelling apart. But we talk on the phone everyday and chat (almost) all day. Sooo many things to discuss!;-) To see where we live on a map click here.

  2. How old are you?

    Bunny Kerstin was born in 1976 and Bunny Julia in 1980.

  3. How did you meet?

    We met thanks to the MB Fan Club forum at the end of 1999. Bunny Julia asked about the famous Michael and Cathy interview and Bunny Kerstin explained what it was. We started emailing and got along really well and so we agreed to meet up after only three months of internet contact.. Four hours of train ride later we had met our respective soul-mate.

  4. Why make a website on Michael Ball?

    We realised that there simply was no website available that had a) enough photos of gorgeous Mr Ball and b) included all the information we sought. So we thought why moan, let's try and make one ourselves. It was mainly a project for us to enjoy, collecting the photos and info. It is made by fans for fans and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Our baby has grown so much over the past five years, it's unbelievable.

  5. Bunnies? Not Playboy Bunnies surely?

    Nah, we are not that mad…yet! LOL We just found it tiring to use only our names and as our families kept saying we spent more time talking to each other than any married couple, we went for the Bunny nickname, just for fun…and it kind of stuck.

  6. How did you two discover Michael?

    Kerstin: She watched the Andre Lloyd Webber Celebration on pay TV here in Germany in 1998 and All I ask of You got her (well, Gethsemane was cut from that TV version...can you imagine that?!). Her first Michael concert was the 1999 Tour one in Amsterdam ( his first concert “in Europe” as he put it teehee), there was no going back from there.

    Julia: Got the Best of ALW CD from a friend ( odd choice for a pressie really as Bunny Julia never really cared for musicals) to listen to in the summer holidays in 1996. Played Sunset Boulevard once and was lost forever. First live concert was during the same tour as Bunny Kerstin's, in 1999, but it was the Royal Albert Hall one.

  7. How many times have you seen Michael live on stage?

    We were fortunate enough to have seen him 65 times live on stage so far ( this is after the 2005 tour ). It took us ages to figure that one out though. LOL We spent far too much time in England! Yeah, as if this was possible!

  8. Okay, so you guys are Michael fans, why have an extensive section dedicated to his partner Cathy McGowan? Shouldn't you live in denial or something...?

    Nah, we are all grown-ups. We feel we all are very privileged to experience Michael's talent and we owe Cathy big time for that as she literally saved his life. She ran into a burning building to save him after all. So we felt a little online tribute was the least we could do really.

    But our fascination started long before this heroic deed, simply because we did our homework for this website: Research. We couldn't help but get more and more intrigued by her biography and the impact she had on so many people's lives.

    Also, after we met her personally at the Donmar we were quite blown away by her charm, we have to admit. So, if Cathy ever feels she wants her own Fan Club: Please, don't hesitate to contact us! LOL

    But seriously, we believe that as fans of Michael's we all should be happy when he is happy. She makes him very happy, so we like her a lot. It's as simple as that.

    We hasten to add that on our website we will never ever publish anything that is private. Only articles or photos that have been published for everyone to see. Michael values his privacy with good reason and so do we.

07/10/2005 16:16

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