Dates 2006

throughout Woman in White on Broadway
17/01/06 Michael back on stage after tenacious cold becoming flu becoming viral infect
21/01/06 Michael out ill with severe throat problems

13/02/06 Originally planned: Beginning of Michael's holiday
19/02/06 Final Broadway show of Woman in White
20/02/06 Originally planned: Return to Woman in White after holiday

12/03/06 Originally designated: his last performance in Woman in White
throughout Started working on the new album, hopefully to be released in autumn

13/04/06 Radio interview by Ian Maurice on 4 BC Brisbane, Australia ( 1:00 PM UK time)
18/04/06 Nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award in NY for his Count Fosco
25/04/06 Accepts £750,000 cheque for Cancer Day Unit in Chichester
26/04/06 Radio interview by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 ( 5:30 PM UK time)

03/05/06 Guest at the Rocky Horror Tribute Gala at the Royal Court Theatre in London
13/05/06 Sang the national anthem at the FA club final at Cardiff's Millenium Stadium
31/05/06 Radio interview on local BBC Radio Berkshire (just after noon)

05/06/06 Sang at the British Red Cross Gala Ball
07/06/06 MB is recording his appearance at Terry Wogan's Now and Then at the TV studio
18/06/06 Terry Wogan's Now and Then on UKTV Gold is aired at 7:00 PM local time
25/06/06 Radio interview with Aled Jones on BBC Radio Wales at 10:00 AM local time
27/06/06 Michael's 44th birthday
28/06/06 Attending premiere of Avenue Q with Cathy
  Finished work on his latest album "One Voice"
29/06/06 Radio interview with Fred McAulay on BBC Radio Scotland at 10:30 AM local time
30/06/06 Traveling up to Scotland fot the concert

01/07/06 Open Air concert at Crathes Castle near Aberdeen
03/07/06 Release of JLW's Unexpected Songs on which MB sings the title song
15/07/06 Open Air concert Michael and Elaine Paige at The Rec in Bath
20/07/06 Open air concert at Oakley Hall in Basingstoke
28/07/06 Open Air Concert at the Summer Classics in Southport
29/07/06 Open Air Concert at Dyffryn Gardens in Cardiff
31/07/06 BBC Radio 3 interview recorded at Menier Chocolate Factory

06/08/06 Presents the Michael Parkinson Show at BBC Radio 2, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
31/08/06 Michael celebrates Anthony Newley for BBC Radio 2 at the Hackney Empire
Album "Music" recieves gold status for 250.000 sold copies

09/09/06 Participates in BBC's annual Proms in the Park in Swansea / Wales
10/09/06 Michael Ball Fan Club event in London
22/09/06 Original Anthony Newely tribute transmission date: postponed
29/09/06 MB in Belfast to record his appearance in "Gerry Meets"
Anthony Newely tribute concert to air on BBC Radio 2 (7:30 - 9:15 pm)

05/10/06 Attends opening of "Bent" at Trafalgar Studios, London
06/10/06 MB appears at BBC 1 Breakfast TV ( 6:00 am - 9:15 am)
MB is guest at "Gerry Meets" at UTV 8:30 pm local time
07/10/06 MB appears at Les Mis finale to celebrate its 21st birthday
12/10/06 MB appears on ITV 3's "The Best of Royal Variety" TV show
15/10/06 MB is judge at BBC Radio 2's Voice of Musical Theatre 2006 in Cardiff
17/10/06 MB is judge at BBC Radio 2's Voice of Musical Theatre 2006
Attends Spamalot premiere at London's Palace Theatre
19/10/06 Recording of the interview with Jonathan Ross for BBC One
20/10/06 Tickets for the UK Tour 2007 on general sale
Jonathan Ross' Friday Night TV show on BBC 1, 10:35 pm
21/10/06 MB is judge at BBC Radio 2's Voice of Musical Theatre 2006 (Gala Final)
22/10/06 Final of Voice of Musical Theatre aired 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm BBC Radio 2
27/10/06 The Steve Wright show on BBC Radio 2
29/10/06 The Steve PRiestley show on Radio Magic FM
30/10/06 Release of the new album "One Voice"
  Interview at GMTV followed by webcast

01/11/06 The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 at 9:00 am local time
02/11/06 Interviewed at BBC Radio Solent
03/11/06 Attends Christmas fair to support Chichester's St. Richard's hospital
07/11/06 Interview on BBC Radio Wales
09/11/06 Attends Broadway opening of Les Misérables in New York
sometime Spent 5 days in New York for business
12/11/06 Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
13/11/06 Guest at ITV 1's This Morning
14/11/06 Interviewed on Wake up to Wogan on BBC Radio 2 from 7:30 - 9:30 am
17/11/06 Appears on BBC1's Children in Need Show from 7:00 pm - 1:55 am
18/11/06 Guest at BBC Radio 2's Jonathan Ross Show from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (postponed)
  Celebrity Scissorhands - Michael got his nails manicured (clip)
  Legends ... Petula Clarke (BBC3)- Michael talks about her being Norma Desmond (Sunset Boulevard)
19/11/06 Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show
20/11/06 BBC Radio 3's Stage & Screen show at 3:00 pm (recorded 31/07/06)
  Michael and Cathy attending Elaine Paige concert at the Lyceum (London)
21/11/06 Michael presents: "Barry Manilow Profile" on BBC radio 2 (8:30pm-9:30pm)
  Michael guest on "It takes two - Strictly come dancing" on BBC 2
26/11/06 Joins Petula Clark on stage at her concert in London
  Guest on "Heaven and Earth show" with Gloria Hunniford (10am - BBC 1)
  Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show
27/11/06 Release of new Best of MB Live DVD
28/11/06 Guest at ITV's Loose Women show (12:30 am)
  Michael presents: "Barry Manilow Profile" on BBC radio 2 (8:30pm-9:30pm)
29/11/06 Guest at concert for Royal Theatrical Fund, St. Paul's Church, London
30/11/06 Ian Maurice Interview for 4BC Brisbane, 10am GMT

03/12/06 Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show
10/12/06 Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show
12/12/06 Trip to Lapland with "When You Wish Upon A Star "
15/12/06 Petula Clark concert aired on BBC Radio 2
17/12/06 Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show
24/12/06 Hosts BBC Radio 2's Johnnie Walker Show
26/12/06 Article about Lapland Trip in current Hello magazine (no. 950)
27/12/06 Hosting the Lottery Show on BBC1
30/12/06 Hosting the Lottery Show on BBC1

09/03/2007 0:39

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