Always leave them wanting more...

Our Michael day began at the stage door, better not bore you with everything funny, exciting, glamorous and intriguing we had done before, cough cough.

The last minutes until we arrived there, we had these horrible visions known to all Michael Ball fans: is he already in, might we have missed him just by seconds???? Little did we know, sigh. Lots of familiar faces proved: No, he is Not :-D. So we gathered with friends back in the fridge, being completely confident, we'd only have to wait for some minutes, maybe half an hour. Estimations like: "He is really good with the time now. Almost everytime arriving around 4:45pm give or take 15 minutes" cheered us up even more. Questions like "when shall I give you your DVD?" were pushed back, because, after all he would surely arrive any minute.

However, 4:45pm passed...... as did 5:00pm ..... even Sharon's "Sometimes he's as late as 5:15pm" didn't apply..... The bad side of this: It was unbelievably cold, horribly, utterly, unbelievably cold. The good side: we had brilliant company with lovely Joan, Rose-Marie , Sharon and Debbie, plus meeting some new people like Hanne. Bets were taken on, will he arrive, is he already in (come to think of it, not one person threw in the possibility of illness). Then we proceeded on bets as to, why he is late. Traffic, meetings, he ended up in the Palladium out of habbit, he forgot he's supposed to be on stage tonight, he took the wrong entrance by mistake (or not), Lord Voldemort captured him.....

When the familiar black "Chitty-Mercedes" appeared in the far distance and we were again taking bets, if this really was a Mercedes or some nasty ordinary van, like the 100,000 that passed before. Poor people who passed in cabs and were eagerly observed by a group of desperate women (maybe the van broke and he had to take the taxi!).

No it really was him and gorgeous as ever. And while we were already ice sculptures he could not get in soon enough as... guess what .... it was cold and he was in a hurry! So he kept calling people to come forward, if they wanted to have any photos. However, he still took the time to greet Rose-Marie in French, which was.... phoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!

Scott remarked, we must be freezing. YES!!!!!!! was our reply. He apparantly did not feel it in his light shirt. MEN! Anyway, we had to leave, as we still had to get the other review online and get back to the hotel and get changed. After all, we thought we'd have one more hour for this!


No summary of the show itself here. We will put one up at the appropriate places, a bit later.

What can we say? Count Fosco was amazing. We know how mean it is to say, but whatever we say, words will never express how wonderful, brilliant Michael played his part. If we have a try though..... He was mysterious, decadent, flirty, dangerous, funny, pet-loving, Italian, seductive, mischievous and a good dancer, too!!! (How he manages to move and even dance in this suite remains a mystery!).

The two highlight Fosco moments have to be his solo "You can get away with anything" . Actually, we can't really comment so much on the song, as it would reveal far too much of the contents. What we can comment is this long, long, long, long, loooooooooooooooooong note in the middle of the song. Unbelievably breathtaking, not only for him! WOW! And one highlight, double-especially for rodent-loving bunnies was his scene with brilliant, if not a bit diva-esque co-star Missy. An unbelievably beautiful rat, who has the immense pleasure to crawl over Michael Ball's body. we'd never thought we'd envy a rat!

Highlight number two: The seduction scene with Marian, aka Maria Friedman. It was hilarious and naturally we envy her, too. Even if at one point Fosco shoved her off the couch. Bruisers we could live with :-). It's been said before and we will say it again: The chemistry among Michael and Maria is unbelievable (how often did we use this word so far? Sorry, but as we said, there are no real words you could choose from that describe Michael's acting, well obviously there is: Unbelievable!). Coming back to the chemistry, the night before, when they both left, she ecstatically exclaimed: I want him!

Count Fosco is not a part all fans will love, as it shows a very different Michael. Or should we rather say Michael in a role like he has never done before. He is not the nice guy. He is menacing at times, drugs a woman, commits crime (mind you, he has a seriously sexy moment defending a woman against her brutal husband!). If anyone ever needed a proof this Michael Ball could act. Well, here it is! He did not spend his time at Guildford partying.... well not all of it anyways!

So, if you have any chance to get to London, see this show! We highly recommend it. Be it just for Michael, as he was and still is brilliant and beyond compare.

Stage door afterwards was filled with tries to praise his performance and we all agreed on two things: We would not be able to find the appropriate words AND he won't come out until at least a quarter to midnight.

So imagine our shock, when we were standing there, chatting, not really minding the stage door, when said door opened and out came: Tony Ball followed by gorgeous, slim son Michael Ball! Just moments after 11pm! We were shocked and almost unable to get our hands working on our cameras, camcorders etc. He looked absolutely....... edible. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.... uhum... calm, calm. You could tell at all these stage doors and during the show, that he's having a wonderful time at Woman in White.

A pity that was maybe the last time we will have seen him leaving the Palace Theatre, depending on his future plans of course. One stage door is left for us, then we have to get back to the airport. We will keep you updated ;-) After all we have a mission now:

"Keep up the good work!" We promise to do our best Michael!

04/09/2004 14:32

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