"I love the website, I really love it!!"

Words that made up for Disaster Day. But, let's start at the very beginning…..

Three hours of sleep, getting up at 5am to get to a new airport, using a new airline and having the distinct feeling something will go wrong today. But who cares as long as you know what the reward will be: A night with Michael Ball (okay, only on stage *both sigh*).

While Bunny K is sitting in her airport lounge waiting for departure her greatest fears are still that Bunny J got trapped in the snow (excuse me? Beginning of March with the biggest snow chaos we have ever seen????). Relief, when she texts to tell she is on her way to the gate. Little did I know….. Disaster hit, when passengers were asked to leave the plane again, because some technical, mechanical who knows whatever problem occurred.

Turns out: Minor technical glitch was actually another word for big catastrophy and the flight was cancelled. Well not really cancelled yet, it might still have taken off, sometime at night instead of 9.30am , but I did not wait to find out. Instead I opted for a replacement flight offered by the airline. Alas, this meant we'd have to be brought to another airport in another city. And this flight would not only depart as late as 6.20PM , but also fly to a different London airport (still better than Nottingham or Liverpool , which were the alternatives).

That also meant, it was now definite, we would not make it to our first “Woman in White” performance plus Bunny J was left all alone in the cold. She was not being allowed into the hotel, as Bunny K booked and had the credit card with her! So she had to roam the London city for six hours ALL ALONE. EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the account was: One bunny freezing, lonely plagued by hurting feet, back and again COLD. One bunny out there, somewhere in Germany trying to figure out how to get to London centre! (note by the editor: The editor could kill Easyjet, for if they'd told us sooner the flight would be much more delayed, editor K could have easily jumped onto another flight of another airline and would have been in time for the stage door and the performance!!!!).

While the hotel was one catastrohpy, the next one were the tickets. In a similar manner to the hotel they refused to hand out the tickets to Bunny J. It remains a mystery, why she could have gotten the already paid for tickets, if she only had a credit card! But without one: No go!

So whilst we wish, we could provide you with a decent review, no chance today, but hopefully tomorrow, the glas is half full. One performance left (and we already collected the tickets).

Now let's jump to the tales of Bunny J (as Bunny K would only go on for 10 pages about how useless and completely unorganised and incapable Easyjet's staff had been, and who wants that?).

There I was, all alone at the stage door, or how it is known among fans, in the “wind tunnel”. And I thought our - 14 ° C were bad, but this ….. it felt like being locked in the fridge. Luckily I had some company, but it still felt odd and lonely without my Bunny (Bunny K, goes awwwwwwwwwwwww, cuddles). To add to the misery (awwww, sorry… cough, where were we???) Michael was at a TV show earlier (great that Bunny K did not realise we were missing that too, when close to strangling Easyjet people for being…. .am …. Sorry… go on bunny). So that meant he was VERY late and we felt like ice sculptures when he finally arrived. Rumour had it, he would arrive in full fat suit (interesting, and guess which bunny hated not being there….). Various people relied on my camcorder to capture this sight (especially one… you know). But I already wondered about copyright and all these things, but it was worth a try. Sadly as soon as gorgeous Scott got out of the car he begged me to not take any pictures, we would in a second see why (we already knew). And out jumped Michael in a nice suit, but not a fat suit. Still he had the facial prosthetics on. That looked weird, really weird. He asked what we thought about it and when we laughed he mocked us for minding him putting on a little weight. But as it was very late he had to get in quickly. And I badly needed a hot chocolate or anything hot! (mind you he still was very hot, even with the funny face). So I got my chocolate, went to the hotel and waited for my bunny.

8.32 PM the bunny-separation was over and we were finally joined in a big cuddle. 15.5 hours (enough time to get to England by coach!) were over (normally would have been 5!). JOURNEY FROM HELL!!!!!!!

We spent some time finding food, relaxing and finally getting to the stage door. Little did we know how Michael would, with just a few sentences, make up for all the suffering and horrors of the day!

It was rather crowded and several autograph hunters waited for the cast. Back in the wind tunnel (Bunny K soon realised no one ever was exaggerating on this!). He was rather late, but in very good spirits joking with Maria Friedman, chatting with fans and posing for pictures.

After posing for Bunny K it happened. He ushered THE WORDS! He said … and we quote….

“I love the website, really LOVE it!”

Shock!!!!! Paradise ! Bliss! Happiness and a tendency to fainting, when he went on saying he hoped many people would see it and we got lots of visitors, leaving us breathless, speechless and delirious. He went on doing his fan business and shortly before leaving he turned again, gave us a thumbs up (directly into Bunny J's camcorder!!!) and said “Keep up the good work!”

Words cannot express just how honoured and grateful we were for these kind comments. We'd never expected him to have ever seen our website. We now feel knighted…. or dame-ed -… or whatever….still swooning and ushering guineapig-noises night and day. We did not feel the cold, our feet or backs. The exhaustion, tiredness and everything was gone. This was a perfect, wonderful, heaven-sent day….. (mind you, we still ponder suing Easyjet, but there you go).

That was us, two bunnies in London , Day One….. Let's see, what Two may bring…..

04/09/2004 14:32

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