I'm never at home to reality TV shows

~ for Express and Star by Eluned Bowen (13/11/ 2004) ~

You can see him in concert,on stage and even representing the UK in the Eurovision song contest.But you'll never,ever spot Bromsgrove-born theatre star Michael Ball in a reality TV show.

Chatting as he heats up soup for tea at his London home,the multi-talented 41-year -old says he has no urge to add reality tv to his exrensive CV.

He lives with his partner of 13 years Cathy and seems perfectly happy with his lot.He says they have no plans to marry and are happy as they are.

He is good company, thoughtful and clearly domesticated. Surely the perfect candidate for a reality tv show.

But Michael has no interest in following fellow musical favourite Darren Day into the celebrity jungle.

"I'm an absolutely private person You wont catch me showing off my home in a celebrity magazine or sharing my life with every Tom Dick and Harry. I think I must have been approached by every reality tv show going.My agent doesn't even bother telling me about them anymore".

Michael says he is happy to known as a singer,an actor,or a musical theatre lead.What he doesn't want is to be a personality.Having toured with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for 16 months last year,he is now concentrating on his singing career for a bit but he hasn't ruled anything out.He says he likes varying his career and has no regrets about any of his choices so far,not even representing the UK in the Eurovision song contest.

So what is his ideal job?

"I tend to like whatever I'm not doing at the moment the best" says Michael. "I enjoy being part of a company like I was with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.But I like going home everyday which you can't do if you are touring.When I'm in concert I get to chose the material I want to use which is exciting"

"Basically as long as there's an audience I am happy.There is not much else that give you that kind of a buzz.I suppose that's why so many performers get into trouble with other vices.They are trying to recreate that high"

What have been Michael's vices?

"Well I've just come out of the Priory after treatment for my cocaine habit"! he says laughing.

He is of course pulling my leg and guffaws heartily at the very idea of him - the housewifes favourite- behaving badly.

"The thing is,I have always loved what I was doing so much that I would never risk my career by doing anything to excess.It's a fickle world and I was never very good at anything else"

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