Gloria Hunniford TV Interview

G I have to tell you the ballettes would be so envious with me sitting here almost knee to knee with Michael Ball.
M (laughing) We can make it knee to knee Gloria.
G Almost, almost. I've just been watching the rehearsals so this must be pretty gruelly. Just getting tighter.
M Yeah, I've been singing for six and a half hours. You can hear it on the voice. Excuse me, if I croak a bit. 
G You are allowed to croak through all of this.
M Thank you.
G Now listen. You changed a lot of the songs coming up to the tour itself.
M Yeah
G So obviously you kind of were changing a bit. So why was that?
M Uhm, I sort of had a basic idea, what I wanted to do. I've got a new band. New material to pick from the different albums I have done. Whereas in previous shows I haven't had my own catalogue of stuff. It's what I always wanted to do is get the songs that are more associated with me rather than with other artists I am covering. So now that I got my own catalogue, if you like, it's choosing which ones will fit into the show as long as, as well as doing songs from shows that I still like to do and great pop songs that I like to do. so, it's finding a good balance and getting .... it's like doing a musical. It's finding a good beginning, a through line taking you right to the end. So it's getting you the ups and downs and the ebs and flows of the music market. 

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