Aspects of Love Press Night

~ April 1989 - Report done by Cathy McGowan ~

Introduction by Guy Michelmore:
... and Aspects of Love is no exception. Advanced ticket sales have already reached £5 million and anyone who is naive enough to phone the theatre for tickets is told by  the answer phone to phone back in April 1990. But for the real story for Aspects of Love, you don't have to wait until then, because tonight we are bringing you an exclusive report from behind the scenes. Cathy McGowan followed the star of the show, Michael Ball, as he prepared for the most important moment of his career.

Cathy McGowan is shown, as she is knocking at the door of Michael's dressing room, announcing: "30 Minutes, Mr. Ball, Please, 30 Minutes"

Then you can see Michael, rehearsing Love changes everything, just accompanied by a piano.

Ruth Ball (Michael's Mum)
From a tiny tot he was always putting on a character and entertaining us. I mean he's never had any inhibition. He's never been shy - a touch of precociousness when he was tiny. I always knew he was going to go on stage.

Tony Ball (Michael's Dad)
He´d got his O-levels and his A-levels and so I said to him, why don't you go to university and take a drama degree, if acting is what you want to do. Because, if you don't make success on the stage you could then always end up teaching drama. And he said: "Dad what a negative attitude that is!

Cathy McGowan re-appearing, knocking at the door of Michael's dressing room, announcing: "20 Minutes, Mr. Ball, Please, 20 Minutes". 

The arrival of such people like Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah Brightman, Judy Dench is shown.

Again Cathy McGowan: "10 Minutes, Mr. Ball, Please, 10 Minutes". 

His parents and his little sister are arriving.

Cathy McGowan: "Beginners, please, Mr. Ball, Beginners, please". 

Short extract from the "Love Changes Everything" clip, blending over into showing the big "Aspects of Love" poster on the Prince of Wales Theatre. Applause, the show is over.

Michael Winner This is a terrific show. I mean it's my favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber. It's a wonderful ??? story, it worked terrificly. The understudies are a triumph. I was really delighted.
Michael Parkinson Superb. The first act was wonderful. The second one probably not as good, but I love it.
Desmond Wilcox Wonderful. I cried.
Clive Hirschhorn Well I think it's much ado about very little, actually. It has one good tune in the first half, a half a good tune in the second half and there is no stars. What the show really needs is a big star.
Cathy is asking Mary and Jeffrey Archer
Cathy What do you think of Michael Ball?
Mary He is the young chap?
Cathy Yes!
Mary What an actor. Wonderful.
Jeffrey Brilliant.
Mary Excellent, wonderful.
Jeffrey He'll go far. I mean he may not have been yesterday, but he is today.
Cathy For your next production, maybe?
Jeffrey Well, he is fantastic.
Sarah Brightman I had a great time. I mean it's hard for me, because, you know usually I'm performing on the stage and being that part of thing, but actually I'm sitting in the audience. I had a wonderful time.

Cathy visits Michael in his dressing room after the show, to congratulate him. Both smiling all over their faces. The dressing roomis full of guests (family, friends a. s. o.) and Michael is still in his bathrobe.

Cathy Oh, wonderful. Was fabulous. 
They are hugging and kissing and he holds her in his arms all the time. 
Michael This is nice, isn't it? My...What a thing! What is this? I'm gong to have to show the world this (laughing)
He looks down, but Cathy interrupts before he shows whatever it is
Cathy What was it like?
Michael I can't think, my brain's gone. It was wonderful,terrific. The most terrifying moment when I did the opening chorus of Love Changes Everything.
Cathy No. 
Michael It was wonderful, terrific. The most terrifying moment, when I was the only one during Love Changes Everything
Cathy Why.
Michael (singing) Love, love changes everything. Terrifying
Michael welcomes and introduces Trevor Nunn, his sister and brother. 
Michael My little sister.
Kathryn Watch it.
Michael My sister, my friend Aileen, my brother

Transition. Michael and Cathy together are driven in a limousine to the premiere party.

Michael (talking to people outside) Bye, thank you all for coming. See ya.
Cathy What a great night.
Michael To all. (turning to Cathy beside him) First of all Cathy..
Cathy Yes.
Michael It's for the bet. (Handing her a coin). Well, someone's got to pay for this. (Gesturing at the driver)
Cathy Oh my bet! He's a true gentleman, he pays a debt. 
Michael That's the bet. 
Cathy This is the bet, that everyone as you remember, that I bet him and I gave him the bet that the record was going to the Top Thir ...
Michael ... Top Ten.
Cathy ... Top Ten. And it did.
Michael And I didn't believe it.
Cathy ?? that you faced it.  It's a long time since we first met 
Michael Isn't it just?
Cathy Yes it is. Yeah.
Michael (overlapping) yes! Gotta be ... years ago.
Cathy ?????
Michael God, it seems years ago, so much has happened. So much has ha..
Cathy  Come on, sing it: (singing) Lifetime (Both start to laugh)
Michael So much has happend. A bit life altering.
Cathy Yeah.
Michael It really has. I would love to go out on the beach and have a little walk on the beach. It would be wonderful.
Cathy Hear that everyone.
Michael Oh my. Get back to some sort of normalita. (running his fingers through his hair). This is really weird Cathy (grabbing her arm and hiding his head on her shoulder), really weird.
Cathy Well I think we're nearly arrived at your party.
Michael Can't wait to see my fans. (laughing) And I've forgotten my invitation. I  hope they will let me in.
Cathy I know. I see if I can get you in, shall I?
Michael I couldn't. Could you use your influence?
Cathy I'm trying to get you in. 

They arrive at the party and Cathy is talking to Andrew Lloyd Webber and later on to his little son.

ALW The show came through tonight.
Cathy Wonderful. It's absolutely brilliant.
ALW I think we're coming to this. I think we kinda did it here.
Cathy  (addressing his son) What did you think? What did you think about it?
Son I think it's great!
Cathy You do? What did you prefer?
Son I'm not quite sure really.
Cathy The singing?
ALW Come on. What's the singing. Come on, the music.
Son The music was best, Daddy, of course!
ALW Absolutely
Cathy Did you stand up and cheer?
Son Yes, yes.´course I did
Cathy Did you? He's great, isn't he?
Son Yeah!
Cathy What other show do you like that he has done?
Son Hm, everything really!
Cathy Yeah?
Son Yeah.
ALW Go on: Oklahoma, Carousel, The King and I, the other show that I have written.

The end of the video clip of "Love Changes Everything". Afterwards we are back in the studio and Cathy is talking with the co-presenter about the show. Finally Cathy is back at the studio to talk a bit with Guy Michelmore about the opening.


Guy Michelmore Very nice. A spectacular night out that looked.
Cathy It was fabulous, Guy. Absolutely wonderful. He's got such a great family, spending the day with them and the excitement of the build up, and he's so nice and natural.
Guy It has to be said, though, the papers gave it what could only be called mixed reviews.
Cathy Well, I don't understand that. I saw some of those reviews and I don't think they were in the same show that I was in. I thought it was absolutely splendid. I saw the preview and I saw this. It's just amazing. it's a beautiful show.
Guy It's going to Broadway, I understand?
Cathy Yes, it is, so we're going to lose Michael
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