Hairspray Song and Scene List



Good Morning Baltimore ~ Tracy & Company

Scene 1 TV Station WZZT & Turnblad Home
"Nicest Kid in Town" ~ Corny Collins & Council Members

Scene 2 At the Vanities
"Mama, I'm a big girl now" ~ Edna & Tracy, Velma & Amber, Penny & Prudy

Scene 3 TV Station WZZT
"I can hear the Bells" ~ Tracy
"(The Legend) of Miss Baltimore Crabs" ~ Velma & Council Members

Scene 4 Detention

Scene 5 Patterson Park High School Gymnasium
"The Madison" ~ Corny & Company

Scene 6 WZZT & Turnblad House
"Nicest Kid in Town" (Reprise) ~ Corny & Company
"It takes two" ~ Link & Tracy

Scene 7 Turnblad Home & Streets of Baltimore
"Welcome to the Sixties" ~ Tracy, Edna, The Dynamites & Company

Scene 8 Patterson Park Playground
"Run and tell that" ~ Seaweed

Scene 9 Motormouth Maybelle's Record Shop
"Run and tell that" ~ Seaweed, Little Inez & Company
"Big Blonde and Beautiful" ~ Motormouth, Little Inez, Tracy, Edna & Wilbur


Scene 1 Baltimore Women's House of Detention
"The Big Doll House" ~ Women
"Good Morning Baltimore" ~ Tracy

Scene 2 The Har-De-Har Hut
"Timeless to me" ~ Wilbur & Edna

Scene 3 Tracy's Jail Cell & Penny's Bedroom
"Wihout Love" ~ Link & Tracy, Seaweed & Penny

Scene 4 Motormouth Maybelle's Record Shop
"I Know Where I've Been" ~ Motormouth & Company

Scene 6 The Baltimore Eventorium
"Hairspray" ~ Corny & Council Members
"Cooties" ~ Amber & Council Members
"You Can't Stop The Beat" ~ Tracy, Link, Penny, Seaweed, Edna, Wilbur, Motormourh & Company



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