In memory of Yogi - Cathy and Michael's companion - who died in December 2001

Hey Guys and Dolls. Maybe you have already seen pics of me or at least heard of me. I'm Yogi and I think you all know my master Michael. That's the guy beside me on the photos above. 
What can I say about myself? I am proud to be a Tibetan Terrier, aren't I one of the sweetest dogs you have ever seen? Well you surely want to know how old I am, but I won't tell you. This is my very own special secret and only my friends know it. Nevertheless I can assure you that I have been a part of Michael's life for his whole career as a concert performer. 
My hobbies are: Taking Michael for a walk, sleeping, visiting Michael's concerts and if I get the chance also taking part in it (true story!). I also love to go playing tennis with Michael. You see its a real men-friendship. We do (almost) everyhting together and I love it. That's all for now, well gotta go now and see what Michael is doing. Take care everyone, 


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