You wonder who Freddie is? Well Freddie is this cute fella. Or should I say, it's me!

Now you might wonder who this nice curly guy at my side is? That's Michael, he's my Daddy. Well, actually it's the other way around, but he loves the feeling of being in charge, so I let him live his dream. I am a nice guy, ey? Yeah thought you'd have to agree with me.

Don't you think as well, I am the most beautiful Tibetan Terrier in the world? I should go to these dog shows, I would win everywhere! Those poor dogs would not stand a chance. Okay to be honest that is not the problem! The problem is: I am busy! Really busy!

See! I am hardly here and have to leave you again already. Okay, so what was life like for me so far? Of course I was the cutest puppy in the world. But one day I thought, I have enough of all my brothers and sisters and was searching for a new home. You'd imagine, I would not have taken anyone who was just able to enter our little doggy castle. But then these two nice people came in and well I looked carefully at them. They were good-looking (hey, I have to live with them for quite a time!!!), they were funny, they smelled very well and so I thought: Goody, let's give them a chance!!!

Here they are. Michael (you already know him!) and Cathy! My... well how do you strange people call it ? owners I think was the word. Stupid, because I own them, tut! Anyway, let's come back to me. So they brought me to my home (again they think it's theirs! You humans are really the strangest beings ever!!!). Actually, of course it is mine. I had a critical look around and well it was nice, quite nice. It was big, I had a big kitchen, with loads of food for me. I had a nice basket, several rooms, couches, a garden, all a dog can dream of. I even have a nice bath! Lots of space to run around madly, even if it's rainig. So yes, I decided to stay with them.

How did life develop so far for us three? I am a dream dog, though many of my fellow dogs would not agree. I let Cathy and Michael sleep in my bed, is not that generous? Yes, it definitely is! The nice thing though is, I don't only have them! Of course they thought about my entertainment! And so I have little Connor and in little Gracie to play with me. It's so much fun to entertain them, and they are lovely kids. Despite, roughly said: I am the king of the family.

Despite I am Michael's motivator. I was generous enough to share my fans with him. So now they go to Chitty, attend his concerts and have the time of their lives! You see, I am their Boss! I care for my guys and help Michael preparing his shows as you see! Michael does not dare to do Open Air concerts without me, he just needs my support and I give it!
So that is me, Freddie. Maybe one day we will meet at a stage door, at an Open Air concert or just on the street? Just ask whomever I am with and maybe I am in the mood of getting stroked, you would love my fur, it's so silky :-D. Anyway, Michael has another show up today, so I should hurry up, CU really soon


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