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Message from the editors: We highly respect the privacy of the people surrounding Michael. Just because he is in the spotlight, does not mean they are as well. However, especialy new fans wonder why you know so much about Tony Ball, but hardly anything about his mother. What follows here is really only collected public knowledge!

Ruth Ball

Michael's Mum. There is not much known about her and we want to keep it there. All that can be said is that Michael loves her very much and they are close. Obviously she is very proud of him. Michael did his first ever solo concert in Bidford to support their local Parish Church that needed a renovation in 1991. Ruth organised this event! Ruth and Tony parted in 1996. (The photo was taken after one of Michael's Donmar shows!).

Kevin Ball

Michael's big brother is four years his senior. Kevin was married for many years, but finally divorced in 1990. With his ex-wife he has two girls who were born in the early 80s. (The photo is taken from Cathy's AOL Openening report. Trust me it does not do his live looks justice ;-))

Daily Mail: Penny Smith on Kevin Ball


Katherine Ball

Michael's little sister is eight years his junior. There is hardly anything known about her. She is married for the second time and gave birth to little James in December 2001. (This photo was taken at the Donmar 2001 as well, when Michael's Mum and sister left together with him).

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