Happy Birthday Michael!

Please join us in wishing Mr. Michael Ball the best of possible birthdays!!

How time flies when you are having fun and what an amazing year it has been – it began with the almost weeklong festivities for THE fiftieth birthday, continued in the presence of the much missed and hauntingly beautiful Mr. Todd, led to a wonderful top ten album and the most fantastic tour that was crowned by (yet another!) Olivier Award. So much has happened in just 365 days…

We had the best of times and would like to say thank you to Michael for sharing his amazing talent, kindness and wit with us all – even when it leaves us looking like complete Ball-aholics to friends and family as we spend all our holidays in the UK and see shows and concerts again and again and again and yet never feel we have seen quite enough.

This day is, of course, also the birthday of this happy place made up of pixels and (giga)bytes dedicated to the Ball. Today our Justy turns 13. She is a real teenager now. Last year (on 22 June) we had our one millionths visitor. This year we had a dazzling amount of 120,370 visitors. This is just completely amazing (or totally amazeballs). Our Justy surely knows how to party!

To give you an idea what this means to us and to show how much the internet as such and the interest in a certain singer we all know has thrived is another figure we will always remember: in our first year we had a total of 40,000 visitors. And we were over the moon back then!

Now, with 10,000 hits a month we have come so far and carried on for so long that we find it hard to remember a time without our (temperamental) girl. Thank you for your continued support, all the very kind feedback we receive and for making sure Justy never feels alone.

But enough of the nostalgia now – we have a birthday to celebrate!

What an inspiring thought that today all over the planet so many people are sending happy thoughts to the same person. Let’s raise our glasses – to the next 51 years!


Some Bunnycam Video Clips

Michael's 50th Birthday

(you need Windows Media Player to watch the clip



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