Happy Birthday Michael!

And happy birthday JustBall.Net, too!

Naturally we join in with the countless voices singing your song today! May this new year be full of new adventures. You know we will be there, no matter where, no matter when.

Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us and for inspiring us to run this web site. It's been six incredible years now and we made so many new friends. Without you, we would never have met, we would never have sat through 12 hours of rain on an English meadow, we would never have slept in a car in November, we would never have spent a whole night walking through London for booking a hotel room for only one night seemed pointless, we would surely NEVER have flown all the way to New York, we would never have met people from as far away as Malaysia, Australia and Texas (you know who you are, feel hugged!), we would never have worked out HTML and we would certainly never have enjoyed ourselves only half as much as we have in those past few years!

To celebrate this special day (after all it's Michael's 44th birthday and Justy's 6th birthday!), we thought long and hard what we could do for all our visitors. We've had it all, numerology, Chinese horoscope, picture galleries, greetings from fellow fans all over the world…so what next? Last year was easy: we didn't do anything much, because we were at the last concert of the UK tour! So we just cheered, enjoyed, and uploaded hundreds of photos and a video clip afterwards.

With no tour this year and summer concerts only starting at the beginning of next month, we found us in a bit of a quandary. But then…somehow…we had an idea! Two ideas, really.

Firstly, we contacted Rex Features, the famous photo agency and asked them for their assistance. Luckily for us, the man in charge, Matthew, was VERY generous and let us chose 10 of their wonderful Michael pictures to share them with all of you and he even sent them to us in high-resolution (very big files)! Normally this would cost a fortune and he gave them to us for free. Naturally these pictures are right mouse click protected, but nevertheless a joy to the eyes. We hope you will like our choices!

Enjoy our Rex Features Gallery!

Secondly, we found that we haven't yet put online all our Chitty stage door videos! And very conveniently, exactly three years ago, we attended his birthday performance at the Palladium Theatre in London (we miss you, Chitty!). So we thought, ah well, this may not be up to date, but we will put online the footage of our birthday trip nevertheless and add his very last night's arrival and leaving as an added bonus for your enjoyment. Party on!

There were so many very moving and deeply touching moments this year. This tour, which was…no words describe it. We saw 13 out of 21 concerts and still moan over the 8 that we missed. Your courage and professionalism this night in Brighton, just after Cardiff had to be cancelled, was so immense that we still get all teary only thinking about it. A night to remember. Then of course, the elation of the last night…unforgettable.

For us there then came suffering withdrawal a great deal, but for so many others there was Patience in New York at the New York City Opera (how posh is that?!) and the Woman in White on Broadway. We were there, too but we came too late. Sadly. (We do hope that chocolate helped a bit!)

But onwards and upwards, after a well-deserved rest there is now a new album we cannot wait to be listening to and summer concerts (which we hope will not repeat the aforementioned 12-hours-of-pouring-rain-drama!) and an endless range of new possibilities.

May 44 be your lucky number! Onto the next 44! We certainly are expecting the unexpected!

All the best from Kerstin and Julia
~ You rock, we roll~

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