Meeting Michael

by Katy Jones

Well, things were a bit different on night two, though still quite successful.

 First off, we thought Michael seemed a bit more tired, though he never let it show while cameras were rolling. What a professional! I seem to remember my jet-lag on returning from London was worse on day two, so perhaps this was the case with Michael as well, though also, they had been filming around DC for a video during the was hot and humid, and that can really sap out a person's energy. Also it was very hot on the set, so no relief there!

 What Michael probably needed (aside from his bed and some good air conditioning!!) was another high-energy group to keep him pumped up!! We were ready to deliver, but this studio was quite buttoned down, compared to MPT. The atmosphere was more serious and structured and Michael was left to his own thoughts a lot..had to sit at a desk with the two hosts, but wasn't always on camera, so was just sitting there, waiting, no one talking to him...while they talked about other things, instead of selling *HIM* like MPT did! We all thought this an odd strategy, but it certainly was not our place to say anything. Next, a lightening storm took out some important transmitter, so what was supposed to be the first segment of Michael's video was a blank screen!! Oh, the joys of live telly!! When they realized what was happening, they quickly rushed back into studio and conducted a fairly lengthy interview with Michael, which he handled brilliantly. Everyone sighed a big sigh of relief, and we applauded them, when the video finally started. Our pride was in Michael for having done so well, but there he was, patting the host on the shoulder and giving him the credit. Typical! At one point, when Michael mentioned having given up smoking, we couldn't help our spontaneous outburst of applause, but unlike WMPT, WETA did not encourage this, so we were fairly quiet all night. It seemed Michael could have used a bit of last night's energy and enthusiasm around him, but maybe I was just projecting my own thoughts. We all did agree though, that MPT did it better, by far. The phones still rang, callers still enthused; (of course they did, it *was* Michael, after all) and pledges still came pouring in...but it wasn't fun like night one, and we felt frustrated for Michael, though he seemed to handle evrything just fine.

 When the official business was over, Michael very gamely allowed himself to be persuaded to stay a bit more to sign even more items, give out more hugs and pose for more photos, though it was clear he was really tired and needed to go and rest, or just get comfortable, or whatever. He was a real sport, and we really do appreciate all the extra time he gave us, when he didn't have to.
 Thank goodness he had Monday night off, well deserved, I'd say, and hopefully New York and the rest of the appearances will be as fun, (if not *more* fun) for him as the first night was!
 Lets' see what Rebecca has to say tomorrow!!

04/09/2004 14:32

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