Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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written by Ian Fleming

"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang went the great car's exhaust pipes, and the big green Paragon Panther roared to life. The Pott family knew that their car was no ordinary car. The twins, Jeremy and Jemima, had noticed that right off. Her licence plate read GEN 11, and that could be read genii by knowing people.

There was something magical about her, too. The Potts found that out soon enough. The great car could be an aeroplane or a boat when she had a mind to. So the Potts took a sea voyage from their English home and, by chance, found a gangster's hidden cave across the Channel in France.

It was the cave that really got the adventurous Pott family into trouble. It belonged to a mob of gangsters - Joe the Monster, Man-Mountain Fink, Soapy Sam, and Blood-Money Banks.

Could the famous inventor Commander Caractacus Pott, his wife Mimsie and their twins escape the clutches of Joe the Monster and his mob? Their only hope, their only ally, was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and she was just a car - or was she?"




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