Marie Zamora - Comédies Musicales

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After the CD was released there was quite a bit of discussion about it. The fans had known that Michael had been in Paris to record some songs with Marie Zamora (wife of Alain Boublil). Then rather suddenly this CD was published and featured Michael on not less than five songs. It was at a fan club event, where fans could ask Michael questions, when Michael raised a question to himself. Why this CD? He said, when they recorded the songs he had only known, they were supposed to be demo songs. He didn't know they were put on a CD soon to be released and only learned about it, when it was already published. Michael does a great job here as always, only bear in mind that the whole recording quality is not, what you are used to, when Michael is concerned.
  1. Phantom of the Opera with Michael Ball
  2. Unchained Melody
  3. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
  4. Live with somebody you love with Michael Ball
  5. My Heart will go on
  6. Singing in the Rain
  7. One hand, one Heart with Michael Ball
  8. Il etait fois une revolution
  9. Mon Histoire
  10. Over the Rainbow
  11. Think of me with Michael Ball
  12. Mission
  13. All I ask of you with Michael Ball
  14. L'amour qu'on sent partout ce soir
  15. You'll never walk alone

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