Aspects of Love - Original London Cast

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1st Act - 1st CD:

  1. Railway Station
  2. A small theatre in Montpellier
  3. A café in Montpellier
  4. The railway station
  5. In a train compartment (Seeing is Believing)
  6. The house at Pau
  7. An art exhibition in Paris
  8. A memory of a happy Moment
  9. In many rooms in the house at Pau
  10. On the Terrace
  11. Outside the Bedroom
  12. Up in the Pyrenees (chanson d'enfance)
  13. The house at Pau
  14. A fairground in Paris (Everybody loves a hero)
  15. George's flat in Paris
  16. First Orchestral Interlude
  17. She'd be far better of with you
  18. Second orchestral Interlude
  19. Giulietta's studio in Venice (Stop, Wait, Please!)
  20. A military camp in Malaya

2nd Act - 2nd CD:

  1. Orchestral Interlude to Act Two
  2. A theatre in Paris
  3. Leading Lady
  4. At the stage door
  5. George's house at Pau
  6. Other Pleasures
  7. A café in Venice
  8. There is more to love
  9. The garden at Pau
  10. Mermaid Song
  11. The Countryside around the house
  12. The garden at Pau
  13. On the Terrace
  14. The first Man you remember
  15. IN the vineyard at Pau
  16. Up in the Pyrenees
  17. George's study at Pau
  18. A circus in Paris (Journey of a lifetime)
  19. Outside the circus (Falling)
  20. Jenny's bedroom in Paris
  21. The vineyards at Pau
  22. A hay loft
  23. On the terrace
  24. Anything but lonely

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