One Voice

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Album dedication :

Once again this album couldn't have been what it is without the help of the following friends and peers:

My personal thanks go to James and Nick for their dedication, inspiration and positive spirit. Again you have made this process a joy to be part of and I hope you are as proud as I am.

More thanks go to Pete - the arrangements are beautiful, and to Brad and all the musicians for their talent and time.

Additionally, Brian, Simon and everyone at UMTV for Your continued belief and commitment.

Phil and Katie, thanks for stepping into the breach. It's good to be back!

To Jackie, Judy, Ivan, Jeanette, Norman, Callum, Simon, Maureen, Gill, and everyone else in the team who work so hard.

To my darling Cath, you are always by my side and in my head. It's great to be home.

Continued appreciation to the fans, who give so much and keep me trying harder. Thank you for being such a special part of this amazing journey.

Finally, special acknowledgement to Moomin, Jammer, Connor and Grace for jumping on me a lot and making me laugh more than anyone or anything. You make my heart sing.

All my love,


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