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Evening Gazette (06/03/1967)

The Addictions of Cathy McGowan

Chewing gum and tea

by Susan Greenhalgh

Cathy McGowan of television fame gazed confidentially from beneath swathes of below-shoulder-length hair and said,"I'm an addict you know. I eat it all the time. I get up in the morning and put it in my mouth right away."

While I waited open-mouthed for the sinister disclosure which I feared, Cathy admitted that she was addicted - to chewing gum!

I must admit that 22-year-old Cathy came as a pleasant surprise to me. I was never a Ready, Steady, Go! fan, but within minutes of meeting its compère I could see why the McGowan fan club flourishes.

For Cathy, 5ft 4.5in tall, and weighing in at just under 7 stone, makes up in charm what she lacks in weight.

"I like your boots. They are a super colour - did you have them made specially?" was her opening remark to me.

And if an opening gambit like that isn't a good way to win friends and influence people I don't know what is.

Cathy, who was in Blackpool to open a teenage boutique at R.H.O. Hills on Saturday, likes her fashion simple.

She washes that swinging straight hair twice a weel and simply brushes it dry.

"I'd go mad if I had to put rollers in." she says.

She uses "loads of eye make up," lip gloss instead of lipstick, and cream and powder.

Despite her attempts to simplify her life she's the victim of an ulcer - but has evidently learned to live quite happily with it during the two years she's had it.

"I like knitted dresses best at the moment," she said, fingering her 7in. - above-the-knee lilac knitted mini-dress.

"I'd really like to wear this inside out so that it would look hand-knitted."

Along with knitted dresses she wears knitted berets - and high leather boots.

"I've got these in half a dozen colours," she said of her caramel-coloured boots.

Top pops too, with a girl who lives at home in Streatham at her parents are trilby hats - and pinstriped trouser suits.

Then Cathy tucked into her favourite drink - a cup of tea.

"People think I'm mad you know, because I'm always drinking tea. Do you know I had five pots of tea last night?"

Then television chewing-gum-eating, tea-drinking, swinging chick, and I went our different booted ways.

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