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The following pages are dedicated to Cathy McGowan, Queen of the Mods, style icon, Ready Steady Go! presenter and fashion guru.  

We found that gathering material on her career and life was rather difficult, even in the infinite space of the internet. This, we felt, needed change, so we searched and enquired and begged and scanned to finally come up with a collection of material on this exceptional woman who has touched so many lives since her television debut in 1963.

It may seem a bit odd that two German twens who never saw an episode of her famous TV show and were to young to experience the Beatles hype, should be so keen on this British 1960s icon. The explanation is rather simple though: we came to be first interested, then enthusiastic, about Cathy McGowan through her other half, actor and singer Michael Ball. They have been a couple since the late 80s. And as we have a whole website dedicated to this extraordinary man, it seemed quite natural we would be interested in the person who inspires all those wonderful love songs, he writes.

Why a bit of an own website for Cathy McGowan, several Michael Ball fans asked us. Shouldn't she be a factor in his life we would happily deny ? Most certainly not! Seems the only possible answer...at least to us. Other websites refused to even acknowledge her existence (plenty of info on his dog was to be found, but not one mention of the woman who shares his life..) and we felt this was wrong. Naturally, Michael Ball is the main reason for us to run this website, but seeing Cathy saved his life (she actually ran into a burning building to rescue him) and certainly changed it for the better after they met, we owe her nothing but deepest respect and gratefulness.

So this is our tribute to a remarkable woman with an interesting career of her own and who happens to be one of the nicest persons we ever met.

All material and information on these pages was at one point available to the general public. This is important to us, as we don't want to intrude her or his privacy.

Unbenanntes Dokument

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