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Cathy McGowan

Cathy started to work in the showbiz as the presenter of the successful show "Ready, Steady, Go!". When Cathy was still 19 years old, she was working as a secretary, earning just £ 10 a week. Then she found an add searching for a typical teenager to act as a presenter to a TV-show. She was chosen among 600 applicants and ended up as a presenter. "Ready, Steady, Go!" was in 1963 the first real teen TV show. Before, most pop shows tended to speak down to their audience, but "Ready, Steady, Go!" was different. It was hip enough to feel as if the presenters were on the same level as the audience. Her co-presenter was Keith Fordyce.

Cathy was so popular, because she was just like them, not a slick TV presenter but a genuine fan who was as awe inspired at introducing The Beatles or Stones as they would be. She was also good looking and fashionable and both she and the programme soon became associated with the upsurge in mod culture. Therefore she is also called the "Queen of the mods". The show was part of the British TV between 1963 and 1965 and it featured acts including The Isley Brothers, The Who, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, The Supremes and many others at the cutting edge of pop music.

Afterwards Cathy married and gave birth to her daughter Emma who is now 27 years old. Cathy got divorced from her husband at the end of the 1980s. Afterwards she met Michael. Angela McGowan (her sister-in-law) proposed to Cathy to interview Michael. At first she was reluctant, but finally agreed and made that interview. And the rest as they say is history.

Cathy always worked as a TV-presenter and also as a consultant for pop-stars concerning fashion-questions. Furthermore she also helped Michael on working on both live-videos. 

in 2001 she became a grand-mother for the second time.

Michael did his first real solo concert as a charity performance to raise money for a the Restoration Fund of the St Laurence Church in Bidford-on-Avon, where his parents lived. He did 2 concerts on Saturday June 15th 1991. Cathy McGowan acted there as the presenter. Following you can read the biography of Cathy as taken from the programme. Enjoy!

Cathy McGowan started her career on Woman's Own magazine as a junior in the fashion departmen. A fashion modelling session followed, during which Cathy replied to an advertisement by Rediffusion TV for a young person to hlep promote an embryonic pop show, the now legendary "Ready, Steady, Go!". Cathy got the job and her career as a television presenter was bron. From then on Cathy's career soared and her own basic fashion style and instinctive grasp for new trends became her stock in trade, her name being synonymous with popular music and fashion. 

In between recording "Ready, Steady, Go!", Cathy hosted her own show on Radio Luxembuourg for two years; fronted a pop show for Tyne Tees Television; wrote two weekly columns for two national newspapers and monthly magazine Style and fashion features. Cathy also travelled extensively in the States, appearing on countless television shows nationwide. In the 1960s for three consecutive years, the Variety Club voted her "Top TV Personality".

During the intervening years, Cathy has been involved in several projects including the initial launch of Capital Radio as its only woman advisor and board member.

She was offered the chance to return to television by the BBC as a presenter on Daytime Live in the field in which she excels, that of style. She is currently a presenter of BBC 1's prime time evening magazine programme Newsroom South East, which covers London and the South East of England, international show business celebrities. Her documentary At the Court of King Karl about Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel, has recently been repeated on BBC 1.

In February 1990 Cathy hosted The Brits, the British Pop Music Awards on BBC 1, and at Paul McCartney's request, introduced him at Knebworth, the major Pop Charity Event of the Year. 1991 will be a very busy year for Cathy. Two new television shows are being devised for her, a nationwide rock show which will be an American co-production and a topical "What's going on in London" weekend programme. Cathy will have total control over the content and look of theses shows as well as keeping her high profile interview slot on Wednesday evening on BBC 1.

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