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Cathy and Michael quotes

Things Cathy and Michael said about each other

Variety Award 89- most promosing Artiste :

" I` ve got to thank the Royal Variety Club. (….) I´ ve got to thank my family and Cathy, all the friends who supported me, all the new friends I´ ve made. It´ s been an astonishing year and now I´ m off to Broadway and this (= the award) will be coming with me.”

OK magazine 1993:

Before the serious business of recording his headlining series began in earnest, there was a to be break – all of ten days - when Michael planned to recharge the batteries, doing something he likes best with someone he likes best. Oh yes? Big grin. “ Yeah. Cath and I went to New York to see a few shows - Blood Brothers, for instance – and generally have a good time.”

The Cath in question is Cathy McGowan, former Sixties icon from the (mostly) live music show, Ready, Steady, Go!, now frequent television interviewer – “and the most important person in my life,” according to Michael Ball.

At first glance, it´ s an unusual partnership. In her mid- forties, she is some 15 years older than Michael, a fact that doesn´ t at all faze him. “We´ ve known each other now ,” he says, “ for over four years. She´s a fabulous woman.”
But doesn´ t that age gap ever give him pause for thought? Michael Ball opens the blue eyes even wider. “Have you seen her?” He chuckles contentedly. “She looks younger than I do. She´ s absolutely amazing.”

They met when she came to interview him. “And we hit it off from the beginning. We think the same. We laugh at the same things. And I love how she looks. I don´ t know anyone who dresses more beautifully. She has incredible style.”
So – does he think about the future with her?

“Yes,” he says, but offers nothing more than another chuckle. Is she the most important female in his life? “Oh yes.,” he says. (…)

He hesitates before saying it – fearful, perhaps, that someone up there might be listening – but he finds it hard to imagine being happier. “ Look, I´ m with the person I love. I ´ve got a great house, the job´ s going well and it´ s really stimulating work. New stuff that I never thought I´d be doing. It´ s difficult to know how you can improve on that.” But he´ s at pains to avoid sounding complacent. “On the other hand , I wake up every morning and think they are going to come for me now, that it was all a joke. In fact, Cathy and I were having that very conversation on the last night of the tour. The party was going on somewhere else in the building. We slipped back into the auditorium of the Dominion Theatre an London´ s Tottenham Court Road. We sat there in the total emptiness and looked at each other. Suddenly, Cath pipes up, ‘ Right , I ´ll get the car started. You grab the takings. And then we´ll be off.’ We felt like Bonnie and Clyde There´ s this feeling, you see, that we ´ ll be rumbled at any minute. Life couldn´ t be better.”

Interview 1993:

Q: How did you meet your partner Cathy McGowan?

A: She came to interview me. It wasn ´t love at the first sight, but it was definitely interest at the first sight. We´ ve known each other for four - and - a – half years now and we´ ve been living together for about 18 months.

Q: What do you find attractive in a woman?

A: Silence! And style – someone who has class and who knows their own worth….I like women with a sense of strength and independence.

Q: Who do you most admire, professionally and personally?

A: (…) I admire Cathy ,too – she has the best instincts on anyone I know.

Q: Who is your best friend?

A: Cathy is one of them. But in the more traditional sense of the term “best friend” , I ´d say my mates form Guildford School of acting. (…)

Q: What has been the most difficult moment in your life?

A: Having to tell Cathy her sister – in – law had died. When you have to break news like that to someone, in some ways it´ s worse than hearing it yourself because you know what you say will change their life irrevocably.

Q: What´ s been the best moment of your career so far?

A: Last year my first solo album went straight in at number one, my six week tour sold out, and Cathy an I moved into our house together…I find that good moments an work are linked with what´s going on in the rest of my life. What´s the point of singing your heart out to all those people and then going home to an empty house? you need someone to share it all with.

Woman´s weekly 1994: With Cathy it was interest at first sight”

For the past two years, Michael and girlfriend Cathy McGowan – the icon of Sixties pop show Ready Steady Go! – have shared a cottage in Barnes, South – West London. Recently, they ´ve also bought a country retreat on the Sussex coast, where they spend as much time an possible together, with their dog Yogi, a Tibetan Terrier. Michael, who´ s 32, met Cathy in April 89, when she interviewed him for TV. It wasn´t love at first sight, says Michael, “ but definitely interest at first sight.” Ever since there have been rumours that the couple´s romance is not genuine. “That´s total rubbish!”, is Michael´ s reaction. “I could have let the rumours get under my skin but, no, I´ m in a secure relationship and very happy.”

That sense of security means Michael doesn´ t feel he has to share his relationship with the rest of the world, and he resolutely refuses to answer questions about it.(…)

More recently, a shaggy mop of corkscrew curls has transformed his image, making him look less clean – cut and more raffish. It´ s a big change , but perhaps not a surprising one, given he´ s living with someone who set a fair number of trends herself in the Sixties. “Cathy has a great eye for fashion and knows immediately what won´ t work,” he admits. “She has the best instincts of anyone I know.”

This Morning 94

M : I live in London but I´ m very fortunate . I ´ve got a tiny little place on the coast. A little cottage and Cathy and I disappear down there and lock the doors and disappear and hide. You find a weekend of that or a week of that when you get it. I don´ t normally find I have a long stretch of time there.

Richard: Does the very heavy female adoration bother her? Does she ever get a little bit upset ?

M : No, no. She knows where my heart is. No, no . I think she loves it.

Judy: When you´ re walking down the street with Cathy they are nice to her as well, are they?

M : Oh yeah, absolutely. Because she is to them. I think you get back the vibe you give out.


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