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Cathy and Michael quotes

Things Cathy and Michael said about each other

TVQuick 1994 : Sorry girls, there ´s only one woman for me

But Michael reveals he couldn´t go on if it wasn´t for the woman he lives with in South London, TV presenter Cathy McGowan. They met five years ago, after Cathy´s sister – in – law Angela heard him singing Love changes Everything from Aspects of Love, and said: “You just have to interview him!” They´ve been together ever since and, despite Michael being some 15 years Cathy´s junior , he says: “The bond between us is stronger than ever.”

“You have to realise that TV is a fantasy world. I go home to Cath and we shut the door and leave it behind. Cathy is so rock solid in my life, there´s just no way I could carry on without her. No matter how big a star you become, you have to have an anchor, and my Cathy is mine.”

So will they ever make it legal? Michael gives a cheeky grin. “ We haven´t thought any more about marriage, because we don´t need to. We´re ecstatically happy and have a great way of life.”

YOU magazine 1996 :
“Why the woman who brought us together should never have died“

(…) When ovarian cancer killed Angela McGowan it robbed a family of a wife and a mother; and Michael Ball of the woman who had united him with the “love of his life” – former Ready, steady, Go presenter Cathy McGowan. (…)
It was Frankie McGowan – at 47 the baby sister of the McGowan family – who had delivered the news.

M : “ She rang in a terrible state on the day Cathy and I moved into our new house saying, ‘You ´re going to have to tell Cathy.’ It´ s the worst conversation I ever had in my life.”

“Cathy is very emotional and Angela [ her sister – in – law ] was more like a sister. They´ d met at 16 and had probably spoken on the phone almost every day since. So what can you do when you love someone and you know that the next sentence you come out with is going to destroy them? I took hold of Cathy and said, ‘ There are not many things I ´m going to have to tell you like this. Please, you ´ve got to be strong.’ Then I did it quickly, but with optimism. ‘While Angela´ s alive,’ I said, ‘ We mustn´ t give up.’ ”

It had been Angela McGowan who had brought Cathy and the star of The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérable, and Aspects of Love, together. She had seen him on “Wogan” performing the song that really made his name- Love changed Everything – thought he was a dish and nagged Cathy to record a television interview with the singer to coincide with the opening of Aspects in April 1989.

“That was seven years ago and we fell in love straight away”, says Michael. “I refused the interview at first because I thought Cathy would be a bitch, but when she walked through the door I was smitten.”

“You see, Cathy is the one love in my life,” he says, simply. “Neither of us expected it. It´s weird that love hits you so unexpectedly.”

Since they met, Cathy thought how like Angela he was. Good-hearted and amusing. “Since her death I´ve been looking for Angela everywhere and I´ve found her in Michael,” she said.

The experience has certainly changed Michael and Cathy´ s relationship. When they met it was the usual stuff of attraction : larky dinners and whopping phone bills. Angela changed all that; she made them understand what they had together would last. Her death brought maturity to the partnership.

“Being involved with Michael doing something so tangible (= work for ROC) has channelled my grief,” says Cathy, “Of course, our life is not all fundraising. He´ s funny and makes me laugh, and he ´s nice looking, which is a plus. He sings to me all the time. When he ´s away I put on his music and think, ‘ Well, aren ´t I lucky?’ “

Interview with Gloria Hunniford in the Palace Theatre (1996)

I found it was great talking to Cathy 'cause her faith is so strong and she has such conviction and she drew such strength from it. I actually envy that in a way, because of course she was in terms well inside, but she had a focal point to her religious belief to help her through it. It's a very personal thing, but it certainly helped her and it helped me knowing that she had that to lean on.

OK interview 1998

I used to be nervous about going into 'posh' shops because I felt intimidated, but Cathy got me past that because she knows so much about clothes and fashion. When we started going out, we'd go out for an evening and end up at my place. I lived in a real bachelor flat in West Hampstead, so she'd walk in, a vision of gorgeousness in this fabulous Armani outfit, put on the Marigolds and start cleaning the sink. I think that's when I fell in love with her. (...)

To all intents and purposes we are married. She is the most important person in my life. (...)

The last year has probably been the most successful of my career, and my home life is wonderful. It's only with time that I've realised how lucky I am and how important it is to hold on to what you've got.

Variety Award 99 – best recording Artiste:

“ (…) Then, ten years ago, the lady who was sat next to me and has been by my side since then and who I want to share this with, she´s here as well today. So Cathy, this is for us…not just for me.”

Rosemary Conley Magazine 1999:

And at Christmas he found himself pursuing the cookery writer Nigelia Lawson through a London department store in an attempt to get her to autograph her book for him. "I asked her to sign it 'to Michael and Cathy' and add the PS 'Cathy, will you please learn to use this'. I don't think she recognised me, but she did it." You suspect that the PS was redundant, as Cathy's chances of getting anywhere near the Aga must be remote.

Kelly Show 99

Kelly talking about Brian Kennedy who is second guest on the show:

He had one line. (referring to a movie Mr Kennedy appeared in) What was the line?
BK: The line was ( laughing a bit and says in a sort of longing voice) ‘ Oh Cathy.’
M : (laughing out loud) “I´ve used that one myself actually!
BK: (laughing as well) I bet you have!

Up Close with Lorraine (99)

L : Talking about the people you love. The relationship you have got with Cathy McGowan really seems to be .. as your rock, isn´t it?

M : It is actually. Yeah, she is. Absolutely.
L : Which is lovely. She ´s really cute (? /good?).
M : She´ s a good girl. We´ ve had an addition to the family as well. She´ ll kill, but she´s a gran!
L : Can´ t believe she is, a second!
M: I know , it makes you sick.
L : That means you are a step granddad!
M : (laughing) No, I decided… we ´ve had billing! I talked with my manager about billing. Actually they asked my to be godfather.


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